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Secret Squirrel Exposes Bobby The Kid!

Secret Squirrel explained a major reason why Bob makes such deadly accurate observations:

“I think he observes things in a childlike way and says what he sees in as simple language as possible. Brain washing does not appear to work on Bob, so he can see things as they are, not how we are told they are.” photo squirrel-1.jpg

“He has a podcast called Untrained Eye. Hint, hint.”

This statement was so dead on target that I am STILL working out its implications.

I am not a Wise Old Man.  Everything I think right now goes right back to a twelve-year old boy who had read “The Cry and the Covenant” and “Devils, Drugs and Doctors” and already knew that while a fool has limits on his nonsense, the Intellectual has absolutely no limits in his blindness.

When I was thirteen the Supreme Court ruled against segregation, and everything I predicted came true, while every Authority and Intellectual stayed as blind as a bat.

Newspapers and networks and Mommy Professors all agree on things for a reason, and that reason is NEVER because it is TRUE.



Occam’s Revenge

People  make their livings by discussing Marxism.   The same kind of people made their living writing about the Soviet Union.  These latter were “Sovietologists.”   Not one single “Sovietologists” ever came even close to predicting what would happen, what WAS happening, to the USSR.

On September 11, 2001 I predicted that not one single person in the entire defense-intelligence complex would get so much as a slap on the hand for the gross errors everyone then was screaming about.   I was right.

The USSR collapsed so totally and instantly for two reasons: 1) The Stalin Constitution of 1936 gave each republic the right to secede; and 2) Communism is SILLY.

You will not read the above ANYWHERE else.

You will not read the above obviously true statements anywhere else for the same reason the fight against the Mantra was so expected by me and so long carried out by pro-white leaders.

Just as pro-white leaders hate to use simple truths, professionals in every field hate simple truth.  photo diversity_chasingdownthelastwhiteperson-v5.gif

There is far too little room for simple truths in the world of the paid expert.

Only a society which had reached Newton and calculus could have respected men who could deduce the world from basics.  Until then it was Mommy Professor all the way: Latin, Greek, chained books, robes in the universities so you could tell which one was The Wise Man.

As Polydoros has pointed out, we have the same situation in today’s social sciences.

When we find something, like quarks that simply does not fit into physical science theory, the real scientists are fascinated.    Anything that does not fit into social science theory or into theology is simply ignored.

No one is going to mention the fact that Communism is SILLY.  John “Stewart” admits now that Communism is “not viable.”

Not viable and hysterically absurd are totally different things.

Even the USSR admitted that it found Communism ridiculous when Lenin adopted the “New” Economic Plan in 1921.   His attempt to found an economics based on “Soviet leadership and electricity,” i.e., throwing out the market and having “intellectuals” run the economy, went to pieces instantly.

But one cannot appear wise or be a Published Professional by telling an obvious truth.

The old theologians and the new theologicans HATE Occam’s Razor.



Shepherds of the People

By polydoros

In Homer’s Iliad, leaders are called “shepherds of the people”. In Zoroastrianism, the ruler of the world is called “the good shepherd”. In Islam and Christianity, the leaders are also called shepherds. Pastor literally means “shepherd”. photo sheepshearing.jpg

That is remarkable.

But even more remarkable is this. Hardly anyone ever OBJECTED to being called a sheep!

Without putting a value judgment on this; – simply to make an observation. All these cultures/religions were unanimous that the vast majority of people are sheep; they were open about this; and few “sheep” objected to it (let alone noticed it as odd)…

Those in alternative news and research agree with the above sources. The word “sheeple” is commonplace. But few actually “GET IT”.

Books and essays have their place for those who can handle it. But to affect the masses something different is needed.



Thanks to BUGSERS Who Bring Us Back to Earth

“The King of TTGH’s” article a few weeks ago was hard for me to write because it is the kind of historical happening that made Tolkien cry out at night over the outcome of the Battle of Hastings, and us old Southerners weep over some piece of special stupidity that destroyed us in our War for Southern Independence.

But comments on the article were largely down at the Stormfront level, like whether Mrs. Simpson was a good girl or not, until Secret Squirrel and Jason put in their slams at the gossipy nonsense:

Secret Squirrel began the one-two punch:
“I assumed everyone got this, because it’s old news to me.
“TTGH: As a Matter of Principle – or Romance – we will have our own way and the cause be damned.”

Here Bob is pointing out the TTGH personality type and the reasons they give for betrayal.
If you have someone in your group and they start making threats to do things their way, or they’ll leave because “its the principle”, then tell them to leave. Nothing is more damaging to a group than a TTGH.”  photo dukewindsor.jpg

Jason followed with a good hard left:
“Exare usually just getting off some steam. Exactly right. It wasn’t the King chasing a woman that caused the trouble, it was his “principled” demand to have his own way or throw a big temper tantrum. It could have been over a woman, religion, or anything else under the sun. The point is for US to remember the trouble such people cause.”

When someone gets us off track with Aristotle or God Will Get You, they are just letting off some steam.

There is room for people we respect to let off SOME steam here.

But when commenters reduce the most tragic lesson of history, the TTGH throwing away a world in which Britain and Germany could have ruled a white world, to talk about whether she was a whore or comparing that utterly mindless figurehead Britain now butt kisses to the last potentially real kind Britain ever had, it leaves even me speechless.

Edward VIII’s TTGH is a lesson of history, not an item in a gossip column.



“Golden Ages”

By polydoros

Romantics say there were “Golden Ages” in prehistory, before there was ANY writing. Conveniently, there are no records to prove otherwise.

Mommy Professor writes to get her meal ticket. She says there were “Golden Ages” when there was the MOST writing.

The “Golden Ages” of Mommy Professor always involve LITERATURE. The Elizabethan period to her is a LITERARY “Golden Age”. But the texts fawned over by Mommy Professor had no bearing on England’s POLITICAL POWER. The plays of “Shakespeare” disappeared for decades after being written. Meanwhile England grew its territory and political power.

Few notice this. But Europe’s “high” literature from the “early modern period” was remarkably SILENT about the New World. Considering the colonization of the New World was so significant, why was it so rarely written about?  photo goldenager.jpg

The literature of Mommy Professor doesn’t refer to reality. Her “Golden Ages” usually happen during or just before a massive collapse! Periclean Athens was the cause of Athens’ total defeat to the Spartans. Rome’s “Golden Age” included the final destruction of the Roman Republic. The most approved of Spanish texts were from Spain’s decline. Germans’ literary “Golden Age” was when Napoleon took over.

Under Napoleon, people called the Germans “the Folk of poets and thinkers”. To Mommy Professor that is a compliment. This just shows how silly Mommy Professor is! “The Folk of poets and thinkers” was about “educated” Germans who were lost in “high” literature and being trounced. They were a laughing stock.

Enemy soldiers can be marching through the streets. But so long as “intellectuals” are publishing, Mommy Professor will call it a “Golden Age”.