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Country Rabbit Strikes Again, Complete With the Right Wording

White Rabbit tells me this is Country Rabbit’s second sign: billboard

Please note the wording: “Diversity means chasing down the last white person.”

Another of our sign groups tried that wording and the sign company rejected it.

Why did they reject it?

Because diversity means chasing down the last white person is the flat truth. Pro-whites refuse to use my words because of ego problems. Anti-whites HIRE people like me and USE their product.

Country Rabbit sees quality and USES this old professional staffer’s out put.

Like the respectable conservatives before them, professional pro-whites are afraid of being upstaged by a dedicated old man.

The Country Rabbits, the White Rabbits, and other BUGSERS will use the good stuff and win this battle anyway, as frustrated conservatives finally had to fall back onto my work to elect Reagan and bring down the USSR.

I suppose it’s a bit odd to tell a rabbit to sic ’em,  but Go For It, Country Rabbit!