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Secret Squirrel Exposes Bobby The Kid!

Secret Squirrel explained a major reason why Bob makes such deadly accurate observations:

“I think he observes things in a childlike way and says what he sees in as simple language as possible. Brain washing does not appear to work on Bob, so he can see things as they are, not how we are told they are.” photo squirrel-1.jpg

“He has a podcast called Untrained Eye. Hint, hint.”

This statement was so dead on target that I am STILL working out its implications.

I am not a Wise Old Man.  Everything I think right now goes right back to a twelve-year old boy who had read “The Cry and the Covenant” and “Devils, Drugs and Doctors” and already knew that while a fool has limits on his nonsense, the Intellectual has absolutely no limits in his blindness.

When I was thirteen the Supreme Court ruled against segregation, and everything I predicted came true, while every Authority and Intellectual stayed as blind as a bat.

Newspapers and networks and Mommy Professors all agree on things for a reason, and that reason is NEVER because it is TRUE.