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Alabama Billboard Update

Only having been up for number of hours, the billboard company in Birmingham, Alabama started receiving death threats both at their home and office. This has forced the company to remove the sign for fear of violence.for bugs

But the word is the activists will be receiving a FULL refund. Not bad for the amount of publicity it received and now for FREE.

Congratulations again to the Guys and Gals in Alabama for getting this billboard up and FORCING the conversation on #WhiteGenocide.

Posted new activist video of Bob’s interview on FWG – New Video – Pro-whites attempt Free Speech with AL Billboard #WhiteGenocide



Country Rabbit Strikes Again, Complete With the Right Wording

White Rabbit tells me this is Country Rabbit’s second sign: billboard

Please note the wording: “Diversity means chasing down the last white person.”

Another of our sign groups tried that wording and the sign company rejected it.

Why did they reject it?

Because diversity means chasing down the last white person is the flat truth. Pro-whites refuse to use my words because of ego problems. Anti-whites HIRE people like me and USE their product.

Country Rabbit sees quality and USES this old professional staffer’s out put.

Like the respectable conservatives before them, professional pro-whites are afraid of being upstaged by a dedicated old man.

The Country Rabbits, the White Rabbits, and other BUGSERS will use the good stuff and win this battle anyway, as frustrated conservatives finally had to fall back onto my work to elect Reagan and bring down the USSR.

I suppose it’s a bit odd to tell a rabbit to sic ’em,  but Go For It, Country Rabbit!



“The Truth? You Can’t HANDLE the Truth!!” Part Two

As with ALL of today’s commentators, for whom the children just come out, Marxist theory begins with distributing the economic production that, to the mind of the average  Mommy Professor or college student, just “comes out.”

Like Medieval monasteries, universities are now the graveyards of the genes that finance them. As with the monks, if you can read, you are to be dedicated to childlessness. A family that emphasizes education must have a tiny family or none at all because of the giant expenditure for their Mommy Professor.

The real future of our race depends on this succession. Presently we build the gene pool out of people who are too stupid or careless to use contraception. Genes that produce college-prone offspring are doomed.  photo children-1.jpg

More practically speaking, the more developed a society, the more parents become responsible for their offspring. DNA analysis is just the beginning. More and more careless men are going to be ordered into WORK for the children they produce.

On the other hand, before the welfare state, children were your only social security. Now, that is government’s realm.

So I cannot discuss what the Mantra means in the Real Future because the more any editor or writer is important in the present regime, the more his power depends on the PRESENT despot.

I even offend the Conspiracy Industry here, both that on the right and the one not called conspiracy industry because it is on the left.

From what I am saying, all conspiracy theorists will scream that I am ascribing the endless popularity of Adolf Hitler as being an ideal to cover any criticism on the present genetic system which is the unquestioned monarch.

Here I am telling you why I do NOT discuss the future.

You can’t take it.

Even BUGSERS will either not comment on this or will sink down to a Stormfronter level.

The present system is NEVER questioned. There is never a question of a question.

But when it collapses, the Mantra will be one of the deciding mechanisms in it.

Now, there will either be total silence except for the “God Will Get YOU For This,” but this is the first answer to people who ask me about “the Future.”

Audio Bob




“The Truth? You Can’t HANDLE the Truth!!” Part One

Under a powerful monarchy the most important question is that of the succession to the throne.

It is also the most dangerous.

Because it involves a discussion of the death of the ruling monarch.

Any discussion of the future of genetics is strictly limited for the same reason.   That is a major reason why Hitler is still such an overwhelming excuse NOT to discuss it.

The present patchwork of how to select future genes is doomed.

I am not saying it is just wrong, but that it simply won’t serve. Right now the white race is threatened, but in a few decades there will be a sudden realization that it is the Oriental race that is really dying out.

When that reality finally bashes its way into the universities, there will be those who say it was predicated long ago by Aristotle. Others will write books to show how it was “developing in the literature.”

I do not think that the example of everybody so obviously getting caught totally with their pants down, the uselessness of academia in anything dealing with the future, will be so blatantly revealed.

And the Silence has so thoroughly covered that catastrophe that almost no one will have any idea what I am talking about.

When you criticize today’s method of choosing future generations, it is much like discussing what would happen when the present tyrant dies. The ruling establishment starts screaming “Hitler!!!!”

The “Christians” start screaming that they are going to get you for that, because God has Ordained what is rather amusingly called The Traditional Family.

The bottom line is that the more absolute the present monarch is, the more each person’s present power rests on his survival. The more important the succession is, the more danger to anyone who even mentions the succession.

The simple silliness of the Communist system or bringing it down overnight was never discussed by any recognized Soviet Expert. He would be talking about the end of his whole industry’s livelihood.
No one would publish it. You were dealing with a group whose whole profession was theorizing about the permanent Soviet presence, the second of the Great Powers.

No knowledge of the total absurdity of the Soviet Empire in the real world made up any part of the discussions of those who got paid for it.

Today, the entire tens of trillions of dollars spent on Human Betterment constitute an industry based on the assumption that “children will be produced.” So the whole industry based on what to do with the children who are “Produced.”

This was the basic problem not only with the Soviet Studies Industry but also with the Marxist system itself. 

Marxist assumed that “goods will be produced.”

As Lenin said, “Economics is Soviet Leadership and electricity.”

So Marxism said that there was only one real subject in the world: The DISTRIBUTION of income.

Mommy Professor can only explicate Marx’s text. She/He is chained to the Book. He/She cannot handle the consequences of that text or comprehend the basis of it.



Spring Cleaning

The main reason we do not have thousand-year lifespans is because evolution has given us the one we have.   Birth, sex, growing up, all these are very difficult and complex processes, and in each step of this process, birth, competition for mates, and maturation, the mortality rate has been enormous.

But evolution stops prolonging each kind of life at some point.

With machines it is necessary to do the same thing: We have to take it apart, check each part, and correct.   And the time comes when we replace them completely.

The lesson is that out in the real world, every functioning being and thing is torn down and rebuilt new by nature.  photo phoenix.jpg

We ourselves age and take that into account.

That being which is not from time to time started anew and afresh becomes a disease and becomes decrepit.

Examples are endless.   Academia had gone far beyond the comic in its pointless Scholasticism, and it took centuries for Occam’s Razor to sink in even partially.

Medicine was a tragic comedy until it was simply totally abandoned and rebuilt in the nineteenth century and Galen’s bumbling sorcery totally forgotten.

And Western academe is steadily falling back to the Guru Age India had reached when we got there, with a little brown man dispensing Wisdom with a begging cup while children starve around him.

None of us has ever seen an explanation as to why nature always kills us and renews us.

But it tells us loudly that institutions that go on become rotten and diseased.

Academic, law enforcement, bureaucracy, every one of them rots until it we analyze it from the bottom, and clean it out TOTALLY.