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The Old Stormfront Illusion

Please READ this draft, which I had to squeeze out of me.  It is one step in introducing a whole new realism, developing article by article.

The Old Stormfront Illusion

BUGSERS begin with a crash course in reality.   The ones who really got things started here largely came from Stormfront.   We were all familiar with what was then The Stormfront Illusion.   The Stormfront Illusion went this way:  photo whitedemonstration.jpg

Anti-whites, who they usually called Jews or liberals, were obviously wrong, so the way things worked was that righteous, heroic people like themselves should be out on the street by the million overthrowing the establishment and holding a Torchlight Parade after the Great Victory.

This is not a joke.  This is not even an exaggeration.  READ the old Stormfront and you would find every member yelling a demand for “everybody” to get out and Take Control.

This was the audience that Stormfront had to appeal to.   There were tens of thousands of people there having fun and doing nothing.

I came to Stormfront as the only person who had ever actually ORGANIZED mass marches which were neither leftist nor depended on my personal ownership of God Almighty like the pro-lifers, a real march of thousands in real cities.

For Stormfronters reality was a total turnoff.

Not one of them would actually get out on any street because the anti-white thugs would beat hell out of them.   Besides, why send money to group if you have to do the work yourself?   So they bitched and sent money.

Not one of the heroic Stormfronters would mention any fear of the anti-white thugs.

I deeply hope that Don Black’s attempts to make Stormfront get real are successful.