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The Emperor has no Clothes

By polydoros

Observation is the basis of Mantra Thinking.

Notice something from the Paltalk sessions. Presumably this isn’t merely acoustic or stalling for time. Bob repeatedly asks the question: “What is he saying?” . . . “What is he saying?”  photo whatishesaying.jpg

The result is hilarious.

– An anti-White is shown up for how RIDICULOUS he really is.

Now everyone knows this is true. Children point out the most OBVIOUS things. Adults ignore the most obvious things. Either it seems too BASIC, or it is a truth few adults have the audacity to say.

But even fewer adults are audacious and earnest enough to do the following: To systematically IMITATE a child’s way of seeing… – to get to a fundamental state of observation.

“What is he saying?” . . . “What is he saying?”