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If the Races Are “All the Same”, What is “Diversity” FOR?

Anti-whites are always saying that white genocide is OK because all races are the same, we are all just humans.

Then they demand programs to end communities that have too many whites in them.

If races are already the same, “Diversity” does not EXIST.   A school that is half black and half white is EXACTLY THE SAME as a school that is all white.
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Yet all those who demand “diversity” insist that the races are the same. That they’re all equal.

C.S. Lewis had an interesting outlook on “equality.”   Through the mouth of the Senior Tempter Screwtape in Hell, he provided us and Screwtape’s nephew, Wormwood, with advice on how to damn souls.     Screwtape is wildly enthusiastic about using the word “equality” to damn souls.

Wormwood begins his enthusiastic endorsement of “equality” for damnation by saying that “Equality,” like every other tool for damning humans, is based on a good, sound, ringing, consistent LIE .”

“The beautiful,” says Wormwood, “never claim EQUALITY with ugly people.”

“Intelligent people do not claim “equality” with dumb people.”

So pro-whites NEVER claim EQUALITY with non-whites, but anti-whites, especially those of color, always go straight to that “equality” nonsense.

As Lewis pointed out, “equality” is only claimed by those who feel inferior.