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The Alphabet Tragedy

Posted by Bob on February 23rd, 2015 under Coaching Session

Not one person in a thousand and probably not one historian in a thousand, know that each of today’s Great Religions burned any book that used any other alphabet.

Yiddish, for example, is so Old Germanic that when I spoke Afrikaans I could understand Yiddish.  Yiddish speakers had no trouble conversing with Boers.

But though Yiddish is at base an old German language, it is written in Hebrew script. photo hiero.jpg

When Islam took over areas like Turkey and Iran, those countries’ languages, which were not even in the Semitic language family, were, by law, only written in Arabic script.

No one seems to know it, but that is what happened to hieroglyphics.

Later hieroglyphics was used in Egypt until Christianity took over.  It did NOT  just “fall out of use.”   It was BANNED.

Rediscovering hieroglyphics took centuries. Until recently historians took it for granted that only the Middle East, India and China had writing.

The religious obligation to destroy all writings in a “heathen” alphabet is a cornerstone of real history.

But historians already have the history they want.

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