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This British lad was cycling with some mates on Caledonian Street in Islington, London, on Friday evening – yesterday. He was accosted and an attempt was made to steal his bicycle. He was stabbed but escaped. After a few feet he collapsed, dead from a knife wound. The murderers ran off. There are multiple witnesses.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact police”.

It would seem that the police do not have any description of the criminals to share with the public in order to jar memories. It would seem none of the multiple witnesses even observed the race of the killers. Because the boy’s family has provided a photograph we know he is White.

When a Black is injured and a suspect is White the press finds out fast. It reports it faster, even if a new category has to be invented, as in the “White Hispanic” slot created for George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin show trial by headline.

Amazingly, the Metropolitan Police do not have a sketch artist on call to assist the public in identifying potential persons of interest. “These days of tight budgets, blah, blah blah….”

One does not have to be a tea leaves reader to know that those the police are searching for are not White. But all must pretend.  photo alancartwright.jpg

But this hurts the investigation. Are they Jamaicans, Pakistanis, Bengladeshis? This is vital information. On the other hand, Alan Cartwright was only a White kid. Why bother with petty matters, such as a useful description? Proper police work must be curtailed to hide the race of those with innocent White blood on their hands.

White lives mean nothing to the authorities. This true in London. This is true in Memphis. This is true in your home town, whether you are English, Canadian, American, Australian, et cetera. All White countries and only White countries.

The hostile elite presiding over all White nations is so secure in its position that it can with impunity toss a bogus plea for help in the face of Whites. No one is being fooled.

In the Daily Mail coverage of this senseless killing there are comments asking: Why no description? Approval of these comments is de facto acknowledgement by the public that the killers are non-Whites. Sample numbers – 1365 to 12 and 858 to 5. No one is buying into the official lie. The anti-Whites do not care.

This horrible slaughter of a White lad is just another of the daily reminders that we are being prepped for Genocide unless we wake up. No one in the Halls of Power gives a damn about us.

We need an alarm clock. The Mantra rings loud and clear. Set it off today.

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