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If You Can’t Breathe, Nothing Else Matters

These are the words I used to introduce the Mantra approach to the American Freedom Party Board.

It works as an intro.

What it means is that if you can’t breathe, the only interesting thing to you is not The Theory of Breathing, but “HOW THE HELL DO I GET SOME AIR!!!!!!!”  photo breathe1.jpg

Obviously, once you survive, you go back and figure out the world picture that caused you to end up suffocating. But when your race is openly being done away with or you can’t get oxygen, no one is interested in the General Philosophical Picture.

Get air first, THEN into your explanations.

Few people will be interested in how the Illuminati or the Jews caused this. But if you shout loud enough, even the most thick headed will notice we are being suffocated.

THEN you have an audience. If we get them to pull their heads up and realize they couldn’t breathe but hadn’t NOTICED it, there is time to explain why hundreds of millions of people were simply blinded to the fact that they were being destroyed.

I used this line to introduce the Mantra approach at what turned out to be my last speech before a pro-white convention.

I used “If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters” with the American Freedom Party Board.

But this time I got rave reviews, because you BUGSERS have USED this approach and gotten RESULTS.

This is no longer THEORY, because of YOU!