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2015 March Against #WhiteGenocide is a success

Photos of the appearance of the Mantra and its memes in many parts of the U.S. and other White homelands during the March are being  posted on twitter @fwhitegenocide and in this article on White GeNOcide Project and on SF beginning here.

Reports so far are that the twitter hashtags we pushed did well, especially #WhiteGenocide.

Unfortunately, we’re completely in the dark at this point regarding the fulfillment of our contract with an aerial sign company to fly our banner, “Bob Whitaker 4 VP – AFP – #WhiteGenocide,” over a major American city, and if the flight took place, whether our arrangements to have part of that flight video-recorded were carried out.

Here’s Laura’s March 22 morning-after comment from below:

Good Morning All! I’m certainly feeling better after a good nights sleep. Yesterday was an exhausting but rewarding day. Thank you HD for posting this initial report for me.

The March Against #WhiteGenocide was a HUGE success WORLDWIDE.

We had people marching in New Zealand, putting up banners and stickers in Australia, Canada and the UK, posters in Hungary, our very own MikeM standing with a sign in France, who also made the largest pro white website with his picture – And here in the USA we received photos and reports from over 15 states which are still coming in this morning.

A big THANK YOU to all who participated and helped make this event a success.