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The Endgame – Full White Genocide documentary by This Is Europa

The team behind This Is Europa have produced, for the first time, a documentary on White Genocide.Thi Is Europa

TIE’s videos are immensely popular and have gained a foothold in exposing the anti-white system through well put together videos.

Please support and share all their videos. We are a team and they deserve our endorsement.







Of course they’re not CALLING it Genocide

The Chinese government says it’s “helping” Tibetans. It even allows Tibetan-language newspapers.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government is FORCING massive non-Tibetan immigration into Tibet.

That’s Genocide.  photo tibetgenocide2.jpg

But of course they’re not CALLING it genocide.

The Chinese government calls it “skilled immigration” and “development”. The deputy party secretary of Tibet, Hao Peng, stated: “The flow of human resources follows the rule of market economics and is also indispensable for the development of Tibet”.

A Mommy Professor, Robert Barnett, protects the Chinese government: “I think we have to get over any suggestion that the Chinese are ill-intentioned or trying to wipe out Tibet.”

It’s so absurd only a Mommy Professor and her spayed/neutered followers would take it seriously.

Meanwhile, a Bugser would be asking: – “WHY is this ‘information’ being produced?”…