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White Genocide advocates have access to a well stocked arsenal of infernal devices. They think nothing of destroying careers and bullying any institution that stands in the way of any of their means of destroying civilization. Latest example, the coordinated, contrived attack on Indiana and Governor Mike Pence for reasserting the the free right of religion, a piece of legislation unheralded when two dozen other states enacted it.

Media designated pit dog is Mark Emmert head of the NCAA. He is using his position to enlist that service organization to expand its role of promoting intercollegiate sporting events into a greater task of corrupting the moral values of our people.

The devastation of the family structure of the White race is a form of Genocide. Forcing Christians to participate in gay weddings is clearly covered under the United Nations’ Genocide Convention which criminalizes “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”

Mark Emmert is guilty. He can and should be held to account.

There is precedent for the successful naming and shaming of this sort of anti-White activism and abuse of institutional/corporate power. About two years ago Adam Smith tooled into a Chick-fil-A and abused the staff for working for a “bigoted company”. His video of the staged encounter went viral. He lost his very good job. He now lives with his family in a RV and feasts off food stamps because no one will hire him and the royalties from his self-published tome are meager – total sales – 17.

Last weekend this story brought tears of joy to my eyes.  photo tomahawk.jpg

Schadenfreude is fun.

Leading the pack of coyotes against Governor Pence is the NCAA’s head, Mark Emmert. The NCAA is a membership organization. Half the states have laws similar to Indiana’s. Laws can be introduced mandating a withdrawal from the NCAA if it does not mend its ways and give Mark Emmert the bum’s rush. No forgiveness.

Contact your state legislators today. If you are an alumnus of a religious school, let them know your check depends on their withdrawal from the NCAA. It will not take much for the NCAA to cave. Help send Mark Emmert to a welfare office to finance a new minimalist lifestyle.

The BUGSER movement and its growing cohort of allies need a few scalps to be taken seriously. When tossed a hot potato the best strategy is to toss it back. When many of our ancestors arrived on these shores they found savages who scalped their victims. In part they triumphed, not by cringing in horror, but by adopting the practice.

It is time to take down a high focus anti-White. It will concentrate the minds of many other well paid apparatchiks who mindlessly bow to Political Correctness and go along with White Genocide out of personal indifference and lack of race loyalty.

The White Christian majority has left too many of their wounded on the battlefield. Winners leave foes dead in the rubble. We need some scalps. Especially if you live in a state that has a religious freedom restoration law, contact your legislator to put teeth into it by pressuring the NCAA by having all state schools leave that organization. The sporting event clearinghouse can easily be replaced. No games will be canceled. But a race traitor will lose a cushy job.

It is a small donation to the cause of Liberty. It will send a loud message.

The war on White Genocide is being fought on many fronts. Our assailants are coming from all sides. Our defenses and counterattacks must be equally varied. We fight wherever they come over the horizon. The guns are blazing in Indiana. Return fire.

What is being suggested to you does not require a large commitment of time, effort or even an invitation to public scrutiny. Any happy laptop warrior can join the fray. Even you. The bugle calls. Hit the keyboards.

Think of how warm and toasty you will feel reading about how pathetic Mark Emmert’s life will be after the bank forecloses on his McMansion.

If you are a newbie here, please read the Mantra. It is our propaganda Nuclear Bomb, a proven, effective political WMD.