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The AMPW SubBasic

I saw the old site address for the old Anti-Mantra discussion on Stormfront.

To many, it is naturally infuriating to have the Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites using exactly the same arguments against the Mantra that anti-whites do. Resenting that is basis, but what is more important is a SUB Basic.

The subBasic here is that here is a discussion, maybe a hundreds pages long, which keeps going back to the point Stormfront is famous for ignoring: “What are you DOING for our race?”

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This is what frustrated Lord Nelson and me and the other original BUGSERS about Stormfront:

No one would even DISCUSS any strategy except marching with a torch in The Final Revolution. Discussion of fine points of Doctrine were so endless that even a theologian would have been bored.

Also, it was funny. Every AMPW assures us that he spends every waking hour “arguing with anti-whites in private, making converts one by one,” If all that bullshit could be gathered, there would never be another failed crop anywhere on earth.

But the subbasic here is that we old BUGSERS can testify, the whole question of taking the battle into the public arena would never have been mentioned. All Stormfront seemed to be devoted to is chest-beating by people who demanded that everybody ELSE take to the streets and fine points about Hitler’s mustache or how all pro-whites had to be the writer’s version of a True Christian.

Some AMPWs asked whether it was some kind of triumph by BUGSERS to have “white genocide” endlessly ridiculed. No one who has any experience with real, practical politics would even ASK such a question.

All revolutionary ideas begin by being ridiculed.