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This piece is written because of comments on the article below, “The Orwellian Creeps.”

Quite reasonably this led to some discussion as to how many people today know who Orwell was.

This gives me a chance to remind you that BUGS specializes in introducing new uses for old words. photo drums.jpg

Using an unfamiliar name in a fund raising letter is bad strategy. People who habitually send in checks want to see their old familiar enemies denounced once again.

But when we put something forward, our enemies first response is “DUHH!!”

For years they pretended they didn’t understand what White Genocide meant.

Now they are trying to disprove it.

That will fascinate a lot of the newbies, and they will, as a byproduct, lose their faith that Mommy Professor embodies sophistication.

Our political warfare is effective because all our memes always hit the general reader a bit sideways.

That is the major reason that those who concentrate on fund-raising are militantly opposed to real political warfare.

Fundraisers only want to beat the same old drums to call out the same old checks from the same old people.

Political warfare is very different.