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Has BUGS Done Its Job?

This business looks different to an old pro like me than it does to real people.

BUGS has been around almost 17 years.   In those years I slowly evolved exactly what I wanted to do with it and, in the last few years, DID it.

This is the exact point at which most politicians begin to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Their names have begun to get a bit of attention, the financing is under way.

The first word in BUGS is “Bob’s.”

I have said here at least fifty times that for any person to say that HIS opinions are worth YOUR time is a hell of an assertion.

My aim was to find a way for YOU to get the pro-white movement actually doing something besides bitching over News and Jews.

This has been accomplished.

When I tried to celebrate the fact  that our memes were clearly penetrating, the first comment was, of course, a turd placed right in the party punchbowl.

Believe me, after over sixty years of political activism, this did not really bother me. It was a just a symptom.

It was a symptom of the fact that you have graduated from the course I was teaching. This is no longer “Bob’s.”

You are now on the net yourselves.

You cannot imagine my delight at the fact that our enemies have taken up the term “swarm.”

But BUGS has now reached the point where it is something members are fighting over.  photo grad.png

To repeat, I had the gall to call it “BOB’S Underground Graduate Seminar because I was developing something of BOB’S.

That is no longer true.

Using our own terms, BUGS is becoming an institution being fought over, rather than, as I said up front, the presumptuous concept that it was a place where BOB had something to say you should listen to.

All BUGS is now is one more web page.

Most of the “comments” we get here are like political speeches, I could have just written them when I finished the piece.

I did not write about “political warfare” to elicit tin-hat responses about “psychological” versus “propaganda” warfare.

I did a lot of mental work to produce that piece and the discussion that followed had nothing to do with what I said.

What I say now is, essentially, ignored.

And I am tired.

There are plenty of websites where you can fight.  There are plenty of places where you can put that learned statement about definitions.