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AMPWs score lower than Haitians

When a White man visited Haiti, he was proudly told that there was a hospital, airport, sewerage plant, etc. on the island. The Westerner looked at the map and these facilities were actually indicated.  photo electricplant.jpg

The problem was, that when he visited each spot, all he saw was a RUIN of what Westerners had once built.

The hospital was horrendous, with squatters and filth everywhere. Nobody worked there.

This was BEFORE the earthquake. It became a joke that the before- and after-photos of Haiti were almost indistinguishable.

Now the Haitians failed to maintain something White people built; but at least they TRIED.

Meanwhile, if you talk to AMPWs (Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites) they will proudly tell you of their PLANS to build this or that. But they have no effective way of reaching those goals. Having rejected a devastatingly effective weapon (the Mantra), they continue to debate their PLANS among themselves.

AMPWs are as ineffective as Haitians and they don’t even get a point for participation.