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The AMPW SubBasic

I saw the old site address for the old Anti-Mantra discussion on Stormfront.

To many, it is naturally infuriating to have the Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites using exactly the same arguments against the Mantra that anti-whites do. Resenting that is basis, but what is more important is a SUB Basic.

The subBasic here is that here is a discussion, maybe a hundreds pages long, which keeps going back to the point Stormfront is famous for ignoring: “What are you DOING for our race?”

 photo manure.jpg

This is what frustrated Lord Nelson and me and the other original BUGSERS about Stormfront:

No one would even DISCUSS any strategy except marching with a torch in The Final Revolution. Discussion of fine points of Doctrine were so endless that even a theologian would have been bored.

Also, it was funny. Every AMPW assures us that he spends every waking hour “arguing with anti-whites in private, making converts one by one,” If all that bullshit could be gathered, there would never be another failed crop anywhere on earth.

But the subbasic here is that we old BUGSERS can testify, the whole question of taking the battle into the public arena would never have been mentioned. All Stormfront seemed to be devoted to is chest-beating by people who demanded that everybody ELSE take to the streets and fine points about Hitler’s mustache or how all pro-whites had to be the writer’s version of a True Christian.

Some AMPWs asked whether it was some kind of triumph by BUGSERS to have “white genocide” endlessly ridiculed. No one who has any experience with real, practical politics would even ASK such a question.

All revolutionary ideas begin by being ridiculed.



The Exasperated General

By eyeslevel

In a shooting war, you succeed by gaining fire superiority. In a propaganda war, you succeed by gaining propaganda superiority.  In our case, anyone calling us “Nazi racist bigot KKK supremacist!” is shooting at us. If someone is shooting at you, what is your top priority? What if you were being shot at and the soldiers in the foxholes wanted to worry about everything BUT shooting back? Wouldn’t that be kind of crazy? Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Anti Mantra Pro Whites (AMPW’s) do.

White genocide is being carried out by mass non-white immigration plus forced assimilation backed by psychological warfare. Until we gain propaganda superiority, talking, worrying, writing, thinking about anything else, whether it be crime, Islam, Jews or any other red herring is largely a waste of time. If you say we can never compete with big media, remember: most of our enemies’ propaganda is lies. We’re telling the truth. The truth is a force multiplier beyond reckoning. Plus, we own the internet.
If we analogize our situation to a shooting war, it might look somethifrench_mutineer_shot2-300x150ng like the following conversation. Of course, the analogy cannot be perfect. There is no equivalent to an AMPW in a shooting war. If the equivalent of an AMPW showed up in a shooting war, he would be shot or court-martialed in about 5 minutes.

The Exasperated General
General picks up the phone.
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy is firing artillery at us!”
General: “Well, fire back.”
AMPW: “Sir, we think they are using a new alloy in the shell casings.”
General: “Fine, whatever, are you firing back yet?”
AMPW: “Sir, now they’re shooting bullets at us! From rifles!”
General: “Well, shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, we’re trying to find out if it’s blacks, browns, Muslims, Jews, or white traitors firing at us.”
General: “What difference does it make? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, I’m trying to figure out why they are shooting at us. It is very important to know WHY they are shooting at us.”
General: “For heaven’s sake, who cares? Shoot back. Defend yourselves.”
AMPW: “Sir, I’m writing a 3,000 word essay proving that everyone manning the enemy artillery pieces is a Jew. Once every white person has read this essay, the shells will magically stop exploding.”
General: (Shakes head) “Anything else?”
AMPW: “Sir, these are real bad people shooting at us after we’ve been so nice to them.”
General: “I agree, so why don’t you stop complaining and shoot back?”
AMPW: “Sir, they’ve taken Hill 209! They’re so mean.”
General: “Well, what do you expect? Take it back!”
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy has all the high ground. It’s so unfair!”
General: “Well, you gave it to them. Take it back.”
AMPW: “Sir, we invented artillery! What will they do after we’re gone?”
General: “That’s their problem. What difference does it make if WE’RE gone? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, why don’t we just run away?”
General: “Because they’ll chase you down. You can’t run away from this fight.”
AMPW: “Sir, after exhaustive reconnaissance, we’ve discovered a handful of browns, blacks, and Jews who agree that our enemies are really bad people who should stop firing at us.”
General: “Uh, OK, so what? Shoot the enemy!”
AMPW: “Sir, some of the enemies’ shells are landing on non-whites!”
General: “In any battle there’s going to be friendly fire. That doesn’t help us. Shoot!”
AMPW: “Sir, a lot of the people shooting at us look like us. It doesn’t make any sense.”
General: “Treason never makes sense, but it happens. Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, after they’ve defeated us they’re going to attack other people! They have a larger agenda!”
General: “That may be, but so what? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, last week the men thought it was the Illuminati leading the attack on us. But now they’re sure it is the Jesuits! I thought it was very important to inform you of this development. And I think it is wonderful that our men put so much thought and effort into this sort of thing.”
General: “Are you shooting back yet?”
AMPW: “Sir, the men have informed me that shooting back will never work and is a waste of time. They would much rather complain like 5 year old children.”
General: “Do the men know that if they don’t shoot back they will be exterminated?”
AMPW: “Sir, the men say shooting back is un-Aryan. They are too dignified to fight like our enemies. They want to engage in single combat only with axes and broadswords.”
General: “You have to fight the battle in front of you with the weapons you have.”
AMPW: “Sir, the men and I have agreed: our enemies’ actions are unconstitutional! If we just gobacktotheconstitution everything will be fine.”
General: “So, when you explain this they’re just going to stop firing? What is your point?”
AMPW: “Sir, one of our scouts reports he has seen an enemy with sidelocks!”
General: (face palm)
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy are a secret society!”
General: (double face palm)
AMPW: “Sir, we’ve discovered the enemy are Marxists!”
General: (double face palm head shaking)
AMPW: “Sir, we lost the war a long time ago.”
AMPW: “Sir, the men don’t like our weapons. And they think we should fight somewhere else.”
AMPW: “Sir, the enemies are Satanic!”
General puts down the phone and reaches for a bottle…



300,000 Generals in a Tent

In Haiti and similar countries, there are thousands of generals with stars and shiny baubles on their uniforms. And there are no lower ranking soldiers.

These aren’t even really armies. They are gangs with most of their countries’ GNP spent on bling bling. Their main defense is they are so disease-ridden that enemies get sick before a shot can be fired.  photo bling.jpg

Figuratively speaking, Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites (AMPWs) are those who don’t pick up the devastating weapons supplied them. Instead they congregate unarmed behind the front. They discuss “strategy” with one another; they hope a general will overhear and take up suggestions from an undiscovered gee-nius. They debate “reasonable” borders – boundaries they claim will be acceptable to the enemy…

Meanwhile, in an army of only AMPWs, NOBODY is on the front fighting. The enemy continues to take territories at will, while AMPWs play catch-up, debating among themselves the latest negotiation strategy with the enemy.

Later on, AMPWs are still debating among themselves where the enemy would NOW consider “reasonable” boundaries.

Thankfully, many pro-Whites have stopped this insanity and are now using the Mantra, winning spectacular victories. But there are still roughly 300,000 AMPWs debating in a tent behind the front.

So what is the difference between Haitians and AMPWs?

In effect, none whatsoever.



The Silence

No one EVER mentioned that EVERY Communist country had to keep its people in by deadly force while all Western white countries had to keep people OUT.

In 2010 Alvin Greene, a complete unknown, won the Democratic Senate nomination in South Carolina because the ballots handed out at black churches got his name at the top.

I have never heard a single example of Viet Cong atrocities on any national media or on any entertainment program.

I have never heard of a single example of Soviet atrocities in World War II.  photo Greene and Bear It.jpg

I have never heard anyone but me mention publicly that Alvin Greene won the statewide South Carolina Democratic Senate nomination because the voting instructions handed out at black churches accidentally had his name at the top.

During the decades in which network television ruled, presidents and vice presidents were impeached, big time evangelists went to prison, and there was corruption in every place where there was Big Power and Big Money….

Except in the Media. Cronkite, Rather, and all the other big timers never had a breath of anything LIKE scandal.




White Genocide advocates have access to a well stocked arsenal of infernal devices. They think nothing of destroying careers and bullying any institution that stands in the way of any of their means of destroying civilization. Latest example, the coordinated, contrived attack on Indiana and Governor Mike Pence for reasserting the the free right of religion, a piece of legislation unheralded when two dozen other states enacted it.

Media designated pit dog is Mark Emmert head of the NCAA. He is using his position to enlist that service organization to expand its role of promoting intercollegiate sporting events into a greater task of corrupting the moral values of our people.

The devastation of the family structure of the White race is a form of Genocide. Forcing Christians to participate in gay weddings is clearly covered under the United Nations’ Genocide Convention which criminalizes “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”

Mark Emmert is guilty. He can and should be held to account.

There is precedent for the successful naming and shaming of this sort of anti-White activism and abuse of institutional/corporate power. About two years ago Adam Smith tooled into a Chick-fil-A and abused the staff for working for a “bigoted company”. His video of the staged encounter went viral. He lost his very good job. He now lives with his family in a RV and feasts off food stamps because no one will hire him and the royalties from his self-published tome are meager – total sales – 17.

Last weekend this story brought tears of joy to my eyes.  photo tomahawk.jpg

Schadenfreude is fun.

Leading the pack of coyotes against Governor Pence is the NCAA’s head, Mark Emmert. The NCAA is a membership organization. Half the states have laws similar to Indiana’s. Laws can be introduced mandating a withdrawal from the NCAA if it does not mend its ways and give Mark Emmert the bum’s rush. No forgiveness.

Contact your state legislators today. If you are an alumnus of a religious school, let them know your check depends on their withdrawal from the NCAA. It will not take much for the NCAA to cave. Help send Mark Emmert to a welfare office to finance a new minimalist lifestyle.

The BUGSER movement and its growing cohort of allies need a few scalps to be taken seriously. When tossed a hot potato the best strategy is to toss it back. When many of our ancestors arrived on these shores they found savages who scalped their victims. In part they triumphed, not by cringing in horror, but by adopting the practice.

It is time to take down a high focus anti-White. It will concentrate the minds of many other well paid apparatchiks who mindlessly bow to Political Correctness and go along with White Genocide out of personal indifference and lack of race loyalty.

The White Christian majority has left too many of their wounded on the battlefield. Winners leave foes dead in the rubble. We need some scalps. Especially if you live in a state that has a religious freedom restoration law, contact your legislator to put teeth into it by pressuring the NCAA by having all state schools leave that organization. The sporting event clearinghouse can easily be replaced. No games will be canceled. But a race traitor will lose a cushy job.

It is a small donation to the cause of Liberty. It will send a loud message.

The war on White Genocide is being fought on many fronts. Our assailants are coming from all sides. Our defenses and counterattacks must be equally varied. We fight wherever they come over the horizon. The guns are blazing in Indiana. Return fire.

What is being suggested to you does not require a large commitment of time, effort or even an invitation to public scrutiny. Any happy laptop warrior can join the fray. Even you. The bugle calls. Hit the keyboards.

Think of how warm and toasty you will feel reading about how pathetic Mark Emmert’s life will be after the bank forecloses on his McMansion.

If you are a newbie here, please read the Mantra. It is our propaganda Nuclear Bomb, a proven, effective political WMD.