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The language used to create the total despotism in George Orwell’s book “1984” was called Newspeak.

There was nothing new about it.

Here you will see a British political leader using Newspeak:

She wants to ban things like “’Diversity’ = White Genocide,” complete with prison sentences.

This ruler uses language that was on the tongue of Hitler, Stalin, and every other outright dictator who wanted to imprison dissenters.

She says the British Government should ban “extremists.” There was a time when what she says now would be extremist, complete with a prison sentence.

Stalin gave the Soviet Union a Constitution in 1936 and it contained guarantees of free speech that made our first amendment look pale.  photo theresa may.jpg

But it was understood, at least by those who survived, that no guarantee extended to an “extremist.”

Stalinists looked at things exactly the way the rulers of Britain do today.

To use her very words, he arrested “extremists” who sought to “undermine Soviet unity.”

The British Government does not use a single word that would not have been used by Hitler and Stalin.

It hasn’t been that long in history since she would have been arrested for “extremism” and “undermining British unity.”

I challenge you to find a single phrase in her whole dialogue that hasn’t been used and is not being used by every oppressive regime of which we have a record.



Perot’s Peak and our 2016 Campaign

If you want to see The Silence at work, look at Wikipedia’s piece on Ross Perot.

It is a long series of put-downs and awkward incidents in Perot’s life.

If you mention Perot to anyone today, he will either not recognize the name or repeat one of those put-downs.

You can tell it causes real pain for Wikipedia to repeat the one unique thing in Perot’s life that The Silence wants minimized.

They do not devote a sentence to it. It is part of the sentence: “In June of 1992, national polls showed Perot leading the sitting President and the Democratic nominee with 39 percent of the popular vote!”  photo perot.jpg

This never happened before or since.

But because of the cloud of crap everybody throws out when Perot’s name is mentioned, The Silence covers this critical history with drivel.

And everybody repeats it.

Perot came out of nowhere. In an interview on Larry King at CNN, King asked him why he himself did not run for president.

Larry King was not a popular show back then, but the mail this question generated was overwhelming, with demands for Perot to go on the ballot.

The idea did not come from Perot.

Wikipedia then makes up a figure of gigillions of his own dollars the power-mad Perot put into his campaign.

A man who had no idea he was going to be drafted is portrayed as power mad.

But others have spent more than Perot did without any effect at all.

To someone who is as familiar with MediaSpeak as I am, Wikipedia gave out the usual dirt to cover the one point The Silence must avoid:

In June of 1992, national polls showed Perot leading the sitting President and the Democratic nominee with 39 percent of the popular vote!

Nothing is as important as this is to a Party seeking to overthrow the establishment.

When Perot got up to 39 percent, the Almighty USSR had simply fallen apart.

“Not with a blast but with a whimper.”

In fact, not even a whimper!

Perot’s platform was Saying the Unsayable.

He refused to accept Business As Usual in politics.

He Said the Unsayable to both the left and the kept “opposition.”

In the national debate, both Perot and his vice presidential candidate were asked about abortion.

Instead of trying to get the “dissatisfied” vote of anti-abortionists, they said what most voters think: It’s not an issue with them.

At a time when the Internet was new, Perot proposed to do something that scared politicians half to death: Perot wanted issues to be subjected to a spontaneous poll online. He wanted the PEOPLE to get in on it!

Perot’s Lesson is hidden behind bits of dirt about him just as grassroots rebellion is hidden under Abortion and the chasing down of Whites is hidden behind details about Hitler’s mustache.

The only other real threat to the ruling parties was Wallace in 1968. He got less than 14 percent of the vote, but his American Party is still more active than other third parties.

Perot’s party was destroyed by Pat Buchanan. It gave him its nomination in 2000.

Buchanan had won the New Hampshire primary against Bush.

Then Buchanan turned into a harmless theocrat.

He accepted the Perot Party nomination and then spent all his time attacking abortion and evolution.

His polls started up at a respectable – for a third party – several percent of the vote and then dropped like a rock.

He ended with a vote down where the Prohibition Party gets today, and falling.

The American Freedom Party can become important only if its theme is: “We ain’t going to take it anymore!”

Perot was gotten out of the campaign by the thugs going after his daughter, something any BUGSER can clearly understand.

No Marxists. No theocrats.




To understand someone’s real character

EVERY & ONLY white countries, neighborhoods, clubs and schools, are FORCED to become “diverse” (i.e. formerly white).

For the religion of Political Correctness, White children are being sacrificed. The aim of the religion of Political Correctness is a world without White children.

That’s genocide.

Yet followers of the religion of Political Correctness are obeying their Priests (their Mommy Professors) regardless. So they FORCE White children (their own included) to be victims of genocide.

That is SICK.

It is SO DEEPLY SICK that sane people are amazed at how this could ever be. But that is a hint at what is behind this. It is so deeply sick, because it goes back a long way.

Essentially the mentality we are dealing with is very old. It goes back such a long way, that it is actually older than history itself…

Since prehistoric times, the ultimate sacrifice was the killing of a human being to appease an angry priest or deity. In particular, the victims were innocents, especially CHILDREN.

A case in point is from the myth of Troy, of Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter, Iphigenia. A deity having been offended by something done by an adult, it WASN’T an adult who was sacrificed; it was a CHILD.

If you pay attention to the SILENCE it is crucial.

It is NOT a priest who kills himself. It is NOT adults. It is the CHILDREN who are sacrificed.

Now this may give you the Orwellian Creeps: The Mommy Professors (i.e. the Priesthood of Political Correctness) are denied the stories of Carthaginians burning their children to death at human sacrifices. The Mommy Professors denied this for GENERATIONS. The stories were so outrageous that they HAD to be made up. They HAD TO BE. But (despite this certainty) it has since been found by actually SEARCHING the ruins of Carthage, that there was a site where children were ritually slain, including petroglyphs of adults throwing children into fires…

Again, the SILENCE.  photo molech-sacrifice.jpg

It is NOT a priest who kills himself. It is NOT adults. It is the CHILDREN who are sacrificed.

If a follower of a religion were told to make the ultimate sacrifice, then that person might have the moral courage to take his or her own life.

A Trappist monk in his monastery was self-destructive, as taught by his religion, but at least he was IDEALISTIC enough to make his life as miserable as possible and to virtually kill himself. THAT was an idealist.

White anti-Whites are every bit as SICK as Trappist monks. But unlike the monks they are cowardly hypocrites. Rather than lead by example, instead they target their abusive, prehistoric mindset onto others… especially against children.

There is nothing dumber than a White anti-White. And there is nothing as vicious or as backward either.

To understand someone’s real character, see how they treat the defenseless.



Ethical experimentation

By jo3w

In medicine, progress can be made by experimentation. There is a very specific process, that if followed correctly, can yield a predictable result. One effective way to determine the utility of a treatment is to preform experiments on people.  photo socialscience.jpg

With any experimentation, especially when the results are unknown, it is highly unethical to preform an experiment on somebody which has not given their consent. Due to the possibility that the experiment may be detrimental to the subject, it is not only unethical, it is criminal.

Social science studies human behavior, they formulate a hypothesis based on data, then they attempt to test it by performing experiments. The problem occurs when the experiments take the form of public policy.

Many public policies that are enforced by law are nothing more than experiments to test a hypothesis. Social science routinely conducts experiments without the knowledge or consent of the subjects. Social science is completely unconcerned with the potential detrimental effects of its experiments. Social scientists take it a step further in that they encourage ridicule of those who openly protest being subjected to their experimentation!

What is an immoral criminal act in one discipline is considered another day at the office for social science.



Self-Hatred is Sick!!!

When I came up with the other memes, they needed explaining.

But now I‘ve got trained BUGSERS.  photo uglyduckling.jpg

I believe the three words in the title above could be a new “”Diversity” = White Genocide.”

The term “guilty white people” is now a cliché.


This is a public secret.

Whites have built a culture on self-hatred.

Time to call them on it.