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Waiting in Line the Liberal Way

The stone altar of Political Correctness flows with blood every day. Before the altar is a line of Whites about to be sacrificed. In the line of the SELECTED RACE they demand to be sacrificed, the Liberals keep pushing OTHER Whites in front of them. Thus Liberals hope to avoid what they are forcing on others.

It is ingrained in the Liberal/Witchdoctor that it is good to sacrifice the best.  photo cross.jpg

Yet there is a difference in scale.

From a crop, herd, or group of people, a Witchdoctor sacrifices the best INDIVIDUALS in order to appease angry spirits.
But a Liberal demands the sacrifice of an ENTIRE RACE in order to appease the angry spirits of Political Correctness.

Ironically, Liberals belong to the same group they demand to be completely sacrificed!

Insanity accounts for part of it, but Liberals are also cowardly hypocrites.

They think they can ingratiate themselves with the priesthood of Political Correctness by supporting White Genocide.

Meanwhile, at the altar of Political Correctness, the blood is flowing, and the line to the high priest and the sacrificial stone is getting shorter. Liberals try moving further back in the line to avoid being sacrificed, but people are waking up to this scam in droves.

The Liberals’ children don’t like the idea of being sacrificed either.