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Ethical experimentation

By jo3w

In medicine, progress can be made by experimentation. There is a very specific process, that if followed correctly, can yield a predictable result. One effective way to determine the utility of a treatment is to preform experiments on people.  photo socialscience.jpg

With any experimentation, especially when the results are unknown, it is highly unethical to preform an experiment on somebody which has not given their consent. Due to the possibility that the experiment may be detrimental to the subject, it is not only unethical, it is criminal.

Social science studies human behavior, they formulate a hypothesis based on data, then they attempt to test it by performing experiments. The problem occurs when the experiments take the form of public policy.

Many public policies that are enforced by law are nothing more than experiments to test a hypothesis. Social science routinely conducts experiments without the knowledge or consent of the subjects. Social science is completely unconcerned with the potential detrimental effects of its experiments. Social scientists take it a step further in that they encourage ridicule of those who openly protest being subjected to their experimentation!

What is an immoral criminal act in one discipline is considered another day at the office for social science.