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Pizza Supremacist

The other day a Social Justice Warrior (SJW) walked into a restaurant and saw in BIG neon writing a sign on the wall: “Supreme(!) Pizzas”…

dot dot dot

-Looking upwards for a few seconds in disbelief-  photo pizza.jpg

Here is the SJW’s verbal response:

“I’m so sorry Seafood!

I’m so so sorry Margherita and Hawaiian! I mean that too. I’m soo so sorry. Look at what minority pizzas have to deal with.

These f***ing goofballs putting up f***ing billboards, talking about “supreme” pizzas. SUPREME pizzas!…

SUPREME pizzas!

Could you imagine if the pizza situations were reversed?! And in this Twilight Zone the Hawaiian Pizzas were the ones imposing supremacism and segregation on Supreme Pizzas?

To acknowledge the REALITY of Pizza relations is what is intelligence. It is understanding facts. It is being HONEST about the facts.”

Having gesticulated, the SJW then BOUGHT a “Supreme Pizza”. To eat. But at the same time to PROTEST. Pizza supremacism…..