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Native Americans

There are people who say they are “part Indian” and act like they are worried about “racists.”

Almost none of them have any non-white features. I have seen photographs of meetings of
groups who have qualified for government money for “land stolen from their ancestors.” This usually requires about one part Indian in thirty two.

This means you have one great great great grandparent who was an Indian, and have the records to prove it.

Every member of the group dates back to early settlers. Contrary to the Party Line, America was not a Nation of Immigrants back when the Constitution was written.

Waves of northern European immigrants came in and their numbers doubled in less than
thirty years.

At the time of the Revolution there was a smaller American population of white Americans who were immigrants than at any other time in our history.

My mountain ancestors spoke only German back then, but they had been in America a century before the Revolution.

The groups of people who claim Indian rights look very white because they are descended from one Indian and thirty one of the whitest people on earth.  photo warren.jpg

The legal definition of Native American is never discussed publicly.

All of the native populations in America, all the way down to Tierra del Fuego, were in what is now the United States for many years.

You could not walk from Alaska to Mexico without being in the present United States for a while.

You could not walk from Alaska to Mexico several thousand years ago without spending a substantial amount of time in today’s continental United States.

There is a whole industry built on the guilt complex about whites driving innocent pacifistic people off their land. If you talk about the people what we call Native Americans may or may not have driven off their lands you threaten an entire branch of the Guilt Industry.

The White Guilt Industry is enormous. One Jewish writer’s book is called “The Holocaust Industry.”

All these Guilt Industries love to say there is no such thing as a white race. At the very same time they blame everything on white people.

It is insane to collect money by blaming a race that does not exist.

The only way to keep insanity in power is to crush anybody who dares to talk about it.