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How Do Ya Par-Lay Voo In Paree?

The French fiercely defend their language. Some official Academy or other bans foreign phrases and such as debasements of the French language. In this area the French are firebrand nationalists. Anglicization is singled out for special condemnation.

What does this mean for the French who love their people, their White race and their spoken tongue?

Recently the Spanish, leftist, feminist mayor of Paris spent beaucoup tax Euros on a wall mural glorifying miscegenation. It invoked Joan of Arc, the Resistance and the French Revolution. Vive La France!

especially 2:10-2:20.

A young French woman stormed this offensive Bastille Wall with a spray paint can and declared that French women were for French men, not Africans. And what was her battle cry? It is there in plain English: “Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.”

That is how ya par-lay voo in Paree.

That rallying point is embedded in the international lingua franca – those few words that are recognized across the globe.

Way to go, BUGSERS!