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All Emperors Are Traitors

A society’s impulse to be dominant over others who are unlike its own people carries within itself its own destruction. The creation of an empire will enthrone an emperor of a sort who will betray people that so exalted him. The emperor maybe a president, a prime minister, a king, a dictator, a parliament, etc. He will rule over a tribe and others. He will in time identify with the whole his realm. This includes the Others against the originating source of power.

Alexander the Great conquered a vast empire and left behind a host of Macedonian monarchies that fought each other in the name of the peoples they took as loot. His troops mutinied after he took three wives from the conquered Persian empire and went native with his beloved Roxane. Alexander was no longer King of Macedonia, he was Emperor of Persia.

After the fall of the Roman Republic the emperors who succeeded the Caesars quickly became drawn from alien peoples and upheld the interests of Romans only to the extent that they did not conflict with the interests of Others within the empire.

The Roman Empire was eventually an Empire first and Roman, second.

The grandson of Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, founded the Yuan dynasty of China and it promoted Chinese interests against Mongols.

Padre Bartoleme de las Casas pleaded to the Spanish king the case of the Indians against those of the settlers from Spain who made his wealth and empire possible. The history of Spanish America is chapter after chapter of political battles between Madrid and the Creoles on the ground.

The Portuguese half of Latin America ended with the king abandoning Lisbon for Brazil – the emperors Dom Pedro I and Dom Pedro II. The polyglot Brazil is touted as our future.

The American Revolution was in large measure sparked by the annexation of the French North American colonies. George III saw himself as king of all his subjects. He and Parliament blocked the expansion of the core population of his North American Empire in favor of the interests of the Quebecois and the aboriginal tribes. Expansion over the Appalachians was curtailed. The thirteen rebelling colonies responded to this betrayal by founding the United States.

When the separation had been sorted a Constitution was contracted that clearly stated as its purpose in the Preamble the promotion of the interests of “ourselves and our posterity”. As America has expanded and taken on overseas roles Washington has increasingly identified with the Other – the “ourselves and our posterity”, the indigenous people of the United States, has been tossed into a trash can.  photo alexander.jpg

The American Empire’s “emperor” is a hostile elite that has a seemingly iron grip in Washington. It matters not who is President or serves in Congress, the interests of the Other will be treated on the same level as the interests of the Founding Stock at best or, as so often happens, will be discarded in favor of the Other.

This may not be an Iron Law of History but exceptions to it are not common. In 1994 F. W. de Klerk abandoned the Afrikaners. The saddest of bitter tales, race betrayal, has too oft been told.

This is where we are today. The Poobahs of Capitol Hill deem their constituents to be all the inhabitants of the globe. The White Christian population that empowered them are now an afterthought, under 3% of their great pool of their perceived subjects. We have no pride of place under Barack Obama, John Boehner or Janet Yellin.

We are lowest of the helots, denied the right to notice that we are being Genocided, along with all other White populations across the Earth. The collective leadership that stands in as our emperor betrays us daily. Trade agreements that mask the ethnic cleansing of all White countries and only White countries insidiously promote massive immigration schemes and limitations on free speech to obscure the cascading effects of the Genocide.

In our democracy we have to enact laws before we are permitted to read the murderous texts. A death sentence to our race is sugar coated as economic opportunity via the charade of free trade.

Washington is in the thrall of rootless cosmopolitans with no loyalty to “ourselves and our posterity”. We are a propositional nation that denies the fundamental proposition that the nation was founded upon – securing the interests of “ourselves and our posterity”.

Man is born free but in America Whites are held in chains that condemn any policy that will allow their flourishing as a unique expression of mankind. They are chased down in their most remote redoubts like the woods of Northern Idaho or streets of Lewiston, Maine. Whites are be melded into a coffee colored race of a multicultural heritage. This is not expected of the Others – Hispanics, Blacks, Jews or Asians. Just Whites.

In a rational decent world Whites would be listed as an endangered species, but instead it is a year round open season on Whites. The Gotterdammerung is nearing and our last best toss of the dice is the evolving and proliferating MANTRA. It now has many iterations and feisty offspring. It is the only proven, effective antidote to our impending extinction.

BUGSERS and the MANTRA are all about doing. BUGSERS are Doers. MANTRA is Action.

BUGSERS are the final fighting remnant of the once great White Race against the traitors in high offices. Within society we are belittled and mocked and, and – feared. From our isolated, marginalized citadel, WOL, sally forth today and with your virtual lance nail the Mantra to or in whatever post you can. We are betrayed and have no allies. We fight on.

We will win.