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Drawing in and ON the subconscious

Bob wrote in a comment to HD’s article: “Psychological warfare vs. building a movement”:

‘The Mantra approach first attacks the hypnosis anti-whites have to use here. […] If you think about it, Mantra statements sound a lot like what you would say to break the spell of hypnosis.
That spell of a Dream World is broken when the long, hypnotic stream of clichés is interrupted by real world words like “genocide” and “chasing whites down.”’

Here is another important comment, by Horus:

…’I have been saying non stop that CodeWord is the heavy hitter in the Mantra. CodeWord means that someone is hiding something. Something nefarious is going on. And it draws in and ON the subconscious. Very important.’

To expand on this: ‘it draws in and ON the subconscious’.  photo subconscious.jpg

The “chasing DOWN” meme is also in this category. Note also “tear DOWN this wall”. DOWN. The language is hypnotic. As many here probably already know, it’s a word hypnotists use to communicate directly with the unconscious/subconscious mind.

Also the term SUBbasics.

Even the wording “SELF-Hatred is Sick!!!” – it’s the same category of words that draws in and ON the subconscious. SELF.

And that’s one of the most characteristic attributes of Bob’s work. It works especially on the SUBconscious mind.

The conscious awareness may find it too obvious and therefore unintellectual, but later the new way of seeing the world rises to the surface.