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The Only Native Americans are in Tierra del Fuego

A Native American would be a person who, unlike me, belongs to a group which was in the present United States before anyone else and was not replaced by someone else.  photo penguins.jpg

When Columbus arrived, the entire American population consisted of people descended from waves of immigrants who had gone across the land bridge which existed temporarily from Siberia to Alaska.

This group populated both North and South America from the Eskimos and Aleuts (two groups) still in the extreme north to those who had been driven all the way down to the miserable tip end of South America, next stop Antarctica, which is called “that land beyond argument”, Tierra del Fuego.

Tierra del Fuego is so awful that, in order to stay alive in the cold, its population has the highest metabolism of any people on earth.

It is doubtful they got there by choice.

“Native American” is a term developed by white-haters who are militantly ignorant of real history.