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A decade ago, when the Mantra was just beginning to be adopted, after a decade of work, I would have been satisfied if your response to the title above was, “Yea, sure.”

You are now BUGSERS.

I don’t expect anyone else to see the potential in WHITE SELF-HATRED IS SICK!!!

They will say, “That’s true” and tell me an Obama joke, just as they did all my life, the standard joke varying.  photo mirror.jpg

But over the years, we have honed down the Mantra. We have tried it and make it work.

I looked at the potential of this meme, and couldn’t WAIT to show it to a real BUGSER.

He made an Obama joke.

After all my years of loneliness and work and expense, this was a lot more than a letdown.

I could be wrong, or given my gut feeling as a propagandist, there has got to be at least one BUGSER who sees this as the next step.

After our experience with developing other memes, WHITE SELF-HATRED IS SICK!!! seems to leave anti-whites in the sort of vacuum our successful memes have produced.


Now our opponents must find some way to argue in favor of self-hatred.

Not guilt, not “facing our responsibilities, but HATRED.

Does anyone here who has actually been out there see the potential here?