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Bob Needs STAFF!

Since Bob has taken on this new platform it has given us the ability to take a legitimate stance against White Genocide.

The American Freedom Party has adopted our meme “’Diversity’ is a code word for White Genocide” as the campaign slogan.

This meme also recently appeared on a billboard in Arkansas.

Doing this sort of campaigning and activism takes WORK!

In a comment on the previous article, Bob said “THERE IS NO TEAM HERE!” but there needs to be!

Bob is a genius and I clearly see that.

Bob has gotten us to where we are today. He has gotten us to first base. photo help.jpg

Wouldn’t you like to see what second base looks like? I know I want to!

Bob is willing to take us there but this takes LISTENING TO BOB!

Bob is a Professional and knows EXACTLY what he is doing and what to look for!

We are reinventing politics. We want to make sure we take control of this revolution WE create and that means starting to work like a real political outfit.

This will require all sorts of roles from writers, tech support/running websites, creative designers, editors, on the ground campaigning, people willing to run as local candidates, online activists sending out mass media releases, etc.

I have taken on running BUGS, Bob’s new campaign website –, as Treasurer for Bob’s campaign, and with my activism efforts with FWG – Current Projects and recently been asked to be on the board for the American Freedom Party but I NEED HELP!

I am willing to listen to Bob and follow his lead on this.

Are you?