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Uncle Bob Wants YOU!

My name is Bob Whitaker and I am running for President on the American Freedom Party ticket.

I have been in active politics for over sixty years.

I worked on Capitol Hill and was a presidential appointee.

Every election year you hear people say that if you vote for a third party you “throw away your vote.”

Meanwhile, out in the real world, the only people who DON’T throw away their vote are those who either do not vote or who vote for a third party.

I am telling you this as a political professional.  photo vote.jpg

The American electorate is divided into three titanic groups.  There are the Democrats, the Republicans, and the non-voters. The biggest group by far is the non-voters.

Political professionals always have that mountain of non-votes in the back of their minds.

There is one indication of where that mountain of non-voters might go if they came to the polls, and that is the tiny parties that refuse to go along with the Democrats or the Republicans.

The Prohibition Party never got as high as one percent of the vote, but Prohibition became law.

The Free Soil Party twelve years before the Civil War never got one percent of the vote, but their platform became the Republican Party and dominated America for generations.

Every political pro knows the lesson of the 1932 election.   In 1932 President Herbert Hoover ran for reelection, and he got more votes than anyone before him had ever gotten.

But Hoover wasn’t just defeated, he was crushed.   The non-voters of 1928 blamed Hoover for the Depression and they came out in their millions and threw him out of office.

The American Freedom Party needs all the usual things.  We want your vote, your money would be welcome, but what I am asking for right now is You.

We need candidates for office.

But most of all we need you to get out there and tell our rulers that we the people are sick of things as they are and we are here to tell them so.