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Kraa! – What Crows Teach

Just got in from DerBeagle’s dawn of day constitutional. Walking down the lane across the road I heard high in a tree the squabbling of chicks. Without glasses it was difficult to see whether it was a hawk or owl that flew out. Perhaps it was a young eagle. It was chased by a single crow.  photo crows.jpg

The predator returned and was repulsed. On its second return it was met by three crows and retreated. It flew back one more time to be met by six or more perched crows. The interloper took off. The crows did not have to take to the air.

Blacks have learned from crows. Jews copy crows. Hispanics follow suit. Asians aid each other as crows do.

Caw. Kraa. Caaawh.

Why cannot Whites learn from crows? Evidently we do not have bird brains. But even the dumbest of us can post the Mantra, the White flock’s best defense against competition from those promoting the special interest of their own race, that is, against those of differing feathers. Perch upon our White race’s highest treetop, the Mantra, and then soar skyward by posting the Mantra.