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“Hey, Rednecks! All Experts Agree That…

I have been through about a hundred phases of “The experts have agreed that…”

In 1989 it was absolutely agreed by experts that men and women, outside of sex, were EXACTLY THE SAME. I remember this because it was a credo with the licensed “Counsellors.”

This Expert Agreement was absolutely forgotten when “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” became a best seller.

I went to an exercise club in the 1990s. The regular at the desk there was a former Mister South Carolina. He had a photograph right there of himself when he was Mr. SC, sporting muscles Schwarzenneger in his prime would have been jealous of.  photo mm.jpg

I remember THAT because the Absolute of 1993 there an Ideal Healthy Weight for each man of a given height and for each woman of a given height.

Like everyone else, this gentleman repeated the current doctrine of the bureaucracy that chose him, in his case the Physical Fitness bureaucracy.

He declared the doctrine that the ideal healthful weight did not vary, regardless of one’s frame.

If I pointed at his photo and asked if his weight as Mr. SC, which was about forty pounds up from his current size, was an exercise in ill health, his reply would have been very familiar to a BUGSER. He would have insisted he was very healthy then but the Ideal Healthful Weight was, as his Experts said, always the same.

What the experts agree means less than nothing.

Mommy Professor agrees that all races are equal, or his thugs will “Whup yo’ ass!”


As Watson and Crick, Nobel Prize-winning discoverers of DNA, discovered, the minute you stop agreeing is the minute you cease to be an Expert.