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Donald Trump and Ice Station Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s whole personality is Ice Station Hillary. She makes the Republican cuckservatives look real and warm by comparison.

Even her advantage is cold numbers.

By electing Reagan I knew we could bring down the silly ass USSR, I also knew he would do nothing about gut issues of my working people like busing and quotas.

I saw today’s problems clearly before 1960.  It’s no surprise I saw Reagan clearly after years of working on that side.  photo hillary4.jpg

I made news back then actually representing real working people at real marches and real strikes and real press conferences.

Unlike every highly paid Soviet specialist, I not only predicted, but helped bring on the Soviet collapse.


I believe Trump has a great chance of being elected, by process of elimination.

But it never occurred to me that cuckservatives could listen to or deal with real working people.

Reaganites did with working people what Democrats do with blacks: They bought them by the lot from their owners.

Cuckservatives did not hire me to deal with working people. They went to the Religious Right, which then took care of the working folks’ politics the same way black churches do.

It is expected that those who think Trump is electable are the ones who think he might be seriously helpful.

Like Reagan on race, I see Trump as eminently electable, but useless.



The More Trump, the Less Seriously You Take the Talker

Donald Trump is following a strategy which is as old and as true in politics as buy low and sell high is on Wall Street:

In Republican primaries you run right of center, for the Democratic ones you, run left. photo sessions.jpg

That is because the Republican BASE tends to be right wing and the Dems’ base is left of center.

The nominee then spends the period until the election backing off what he said in the primaries.

This is an election.

This is not Twitter.

Trump’s stance is more reflection of the Mantra than representing it.

Exactly the people who cannot deal in power politics are the ones who go nuts over a headline.



Subbasics – Stop Tailgating and Nail Down Points

You are dealing with someone who says genocide. So you debate definitions.

The hardest rule of subbasics is to first consider the entirety of what they have just said.  photo subbasics.jpg

“So you admit that diversity is only interested in doing away with one race, the white race.”

“You agree that diversity means to chase down the last white country and the last whites in the last white country.”

“But you says that is not genocide because you plan to use as little violence as possible.”

On another subject, “white country” or “The white race,” we tailgate.

When they say there is no white race and no white country, the obvious answer is that they are always blaming the white race for taking America and Australia from the natives.

That completely stopped my CNN interviewer, of course.



Can Donald Trump be “uncucked” to oppose White Genocide?

Donald Trump’s candidacy has produced varying reactions from opponents of White Genocide, ranging from feverishly supportive to sullenly cynical.

Here’s an abridged exchange from another site that plays on the term “cuckservative”:

Trump can uncuck himself any time by saying he is 1000% opposed to the White Genocide that’s being carried out by massive third-world immigration and forced assimilation in all White countries.


It may appear that Trump has done more in a very short time than BUGSers have done in a considerably longer time to open up the public arena to more open expression of pro-White views.  photo donald-trump-L.jpg

But the opening that Trump seems to be creating may prove to be ephemeral, or limited in its scope (if Trump is elected and by the end of his second term has come even close to speaking the phrase “White Genocide,” it will be only because of the hard work of Bob Whitaker and the worker bees at BUGS!

The lasting effect of Trump is very much still in doubt, but the spreading of the terms “anti-white” and “White Genocide” and the other STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes  is beginning to have the appearance of being inexorable.

The term “anti-White” is rocketing now in the mainstream…it is after all a term that both linguistically and socially/politically has been absolutely needed…it fills a gigantic hole, and fills it perfectly…and the term “White Genocide” is also appearing to be irresistible (imagine yourself a blogger or a newsperson and ask yourself how would you NOT want to write about such a term!)

White Genocide is discussed in these recent articles in the NY TimesThe Atlantic, and the Globe and Mail.






The Cuckservative Phenomenon

The whole story is right here:

One person pointed out that cuckservative wasn’t OUR meme and one real BUGSER who actually READS the blog quoted my repeated statement, “The best memes I cause will not be mine.”

SPLC sure as hell knows that.

“Cuckservative” has gone explosively viral, and SPLC quotes DR. Kevin MacDonald, saying it traces directly to “Bob Whitaker.” I am named as AFP presidential candidate in this and other SPLC publications and in their New York Times Op-Ed, and on CNN.

How much would that kind of publicity cost any other third party?

Anti-whites never discuss whether anything we say is true. All they have is labels.

Watch them ask whether cuckservatism is racist or even (God forbid!) anti-Semitic. They do all the defining.

Ann Coulter keeps trying to define the battle as cultural, not racial. She says it won’t matter if our race disappears if whatever she chooses to call “our culture” survives.

And they say RACE is hard to define!!!

Birdianity. It throws the other birds out of the nest and lays its own.  photo cuckoo.jpg

All the birdbrain sees is a bird. A bird is not smart enough to tell that these birds are not its own.

So cuckholding among birds is triumph of their Common Birdianity.

It also uses the nests built for one species to produce more cuckolds, who will grow up and do the same thing.

One who does not accept Cuckservatism may be a racist, but he is not a suicidal birdbrain.