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BUGS Buddy: Sticking to the Script

One of the most revealing backhanded compliments I ever received was from an aggressive and frustrated anti-White, who after a series of encounters (/interrogations by me) wrote on a forum:

“Unlike your buddies, you stick to the script don’t you?”

But the “buddies” the anti-White was referring to weren’t MY buddies. They were AMPWs (anti-Mantra pro-Whites).

Somehow they had managed to stumble onto an exchange between myself and an anti-White, so the AMPWs had decided to “communicate” with the anti-White too.

What followed was aaaall-too-predictable: AMPW tailgating, which the anti-White enthusiastically (surprise, surprise) latched onto.

Thus AMPWs had stumbled onto an interrogation and had given the anti-White an escape route… photo romeo.jpg

Everyone who has fought on the front has seen this. When AMPWs ever DO try to do something, outside of taking part in their cargo cults, talking to their fellow generals in their tents, and playing Aryan SimCity every day, they are so clueless and undisciplined that they become the anti-White’s best buddy.

In contrast: through disciplined experience on the front, BUGSERS have formulated lines of attack to hook and trap anti-Whites. We have mini-Mantras, followed (if necessary) by standard responses. These responses have been fine-tuned and battle-tested countless times. And it is one of the most effective tactics used by BUGSERS, to place anti-Whites under interrogation about their support of White Genocide: turning up the pressure on anti-Whites as if they were in a vice.

To replicate these results as efficiently as possible, we use model scripts that we almost always STICK to, because they WORK.

Here is a link to the script I was using about the time of the encounter, consisting almost entirely of what other BUGSERS had formulated and tested.

As a saying goes at BUGS: “Your best work will not be your own”.

At the link below you can find the standard responses (ignore the mini-Mantras provided, which were at that time very experimental/attempting to incorporate a new meme). To find the beginning of the script of standard responses, you can do a search for the words: “Since we are exchanging weapons”…

Along those lines, a script of model responses is being prepared by Benjamin Newells, and when it is sufficiently complete and informally peer-reviewed, I say we have a permanent link to it on the right-hand side of the BUGS website (along the same lines as British Bug’s excellent but now largely superseded compilation).

All in favor?