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How to judge a regime

A way to judge the success or failure of a state is whether the citizens actually want to LIVE there. photo washingtondc.png

By this standard, the Soviet Union and other communist states were absolute failures. The “citizens” of these so-called “democratic republics” wanted to get out of there so much, that hiding their intentions about wanting to escape, through fear of informers and Big Brother, they devised ingenious methods to evade mine fields, walls, machine gun turrets and barbed wire.

The mine fields of these “democratic republics” had the landmines and gun trip wires on THEIR side of the barbed wire – to keep THEIR citizens from ESCAPING.

Thousands of people were killed in the process of fleeing, and many others were caught and put into FORCED sensitivity training/concentration camps.

Now this may give you the Orwellian creeps: In the so-called “democratic republics” where we live today, we are told, just as in the Soviet Union, that the citizens are very “privileged” to live here. But if White citizens are so privileged, then how do you explain White Flight?

If White people are so “privileged”, how do you explain White Flight?…

Again: If White people are so “privileged”, how do you explain White Flight?………