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BUGS Techniques

I think it would be good to have a list of techniques we use so that people who have spent enough time SWARMING will have a resource for when they are composing mini-Mantras, articles, etc.

Here’s a sample of techniques we use:

Start with obvious reality, such as a well-known fact, and give it a particular spin. E.g.: “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, ”… etc. People agree with it, so it starts up a chain of “yes” responses, and this will make people more likely to agree with you further down.

Images, such as the wonderful illustrations by BBG; and vivid wording, to draw on the visual sense. E.g.: “Picture this. A Witchdoctor and his followers are jumping up and down in a field. They believe that the crops will grow better by following the dancers’ example…” (Psychological research indicates that the visual sense is most commonly the dominant one, so we at BUGS draw on this one the most.)  photo techniques.jpg

Metaphors, such as White rabbits, buzzards, Mommy Professor, Screamers, Thugs and Thought Police. (Metaphors are easy for people to grasp, because they work on a more solid, visual level, rather than abstract concepts.) Even “codeword” is a metaphor, and so is “means chasing down”. A lot of the time this is literal too!

Specific grammar to create a specific effect, such as the use of incomplete sentences (HD has commented on Bob’s use of these before). Another technique is to use participles to compact a narrative (instead of using conjunctions); for example: “Their prescriptions having turned out badly, they ALWAYS blame the disbelievers”.

Colliding points of reference, such as linking White Flight with Orwell and people fleeing the Soviet Union.

If others would add to this list of techniques used at BUGS, then we can have a more complete resource, and hopefully something we can all learn from. And just to jump the gun on this, the following quote by Secret Squirrel is so insightful that I’ll add it here:

‘By attacking, he [Bob] points out the contradictions, assigns responsibility and labels the enemy.

Their weakest points are where they contradict themselves and since anti-whites are natural toadies, they don’t like to be exposed and made responsible for the harm they cause.’