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If Your Heart is in Israel, Your Butt Should be in Israel

Abraham Lincoln must have been God, because he is supposed to have performed transubstantiation.

In a speech far shorter than a Mass, the God Lincoln transformed our Declaration of Independence into a statement that we ruled the world.

Let us see if anybody remembers what the word “independence” means.

Independence means we are dedicated to one thing, and the one thing is that you don’t run our affairs and we don’t run yours.

Lincoln declared that the Declaration gave us the power to force our version of equality anywhere on earth.  General Wesley Clark declared that American troops should be used whenever we feel like it to enforce racial quotas in Europe.  photo constitution1.jpg

People said Lincoln was God and Clark his Prophet.

I think they should have been committed.

The Founding Fathers knew exactly what “independence” meant and they stated it: to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

No congress today would allow such a statement even to be proposed for the Constitution.

It is Nativist and Evil and God will get you for it.

The actual Constitution says not one word about jamming equality down throats around the world.

The clear import of the Preamble to the real Constitution is that we should have no immigrants unless their presence is good for the people already here.

No one who thinks Lincoln is God will know any real history.   So they think there were a lot of immigrants who helped adopt the Constitution.

Actually the generation that adopted the Constitution had the highest percentage of native born white Americans it has ever had before or since.   It is not incidental that the President had to be born here.

I would be a good president if only because I am the only candidate who has ever READ the Constitution.

There is no evidence that anyone else running for office has.



Elementary, my dear Watson

It’s no mystery that Mommy Professor’s favorite Early Victorian author is Karl Marx. After all, Marx wrote that Intellectuals should rule the world.

So, for Mommy Professor, what’s not to like!

But, unfortunately for Mommy Professor, communism has been discredited… not least because some people have an annoying habit of questioning things:

“If communism is so great, then why do all the communist Workers’ Paradises need machine guns and guard towers to stop people from fleeing?”

Samizdat persistently pointed out something else:

“Communists may have READ Karl Marx; but Anti-Communists have UNDERSTOOD Karl Marx.”

Yet another sore point for Mommy Professor is that the universities didn’t anticipate the fall of the Soviet Union. Ouch. And to add insulating tape to injury, the most popular and enduring Victorian period author is not their Karl Heinrich Marx, but rather the author who created Sherlock Holmes. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes didn’t make it onto Mommy Professor’s reading list, but most people don’t care.  photo hot dog.jpg

So what does this tell us?
1. That the “high” literature fawned over by Mommy Professor has nothing to do with reality (least of all the future).
2. That the greatest segment of the reading public enjoys seeing a clever investigator find out what is really going on.

Here at BUGS, we have a number of reference points to investigate anti-Whites. You can do a search for these, such as SUB-basics and The SILENCE. It is a commonly experienced phenomenon when SWARMING, that bystanders enjoy seeing incisive points being made by a BUGSER while interrogating an anti-White.

Now even though Sherlock Holmes is fictional and not on Mommy Professor’s reading list, there is more wisdom in a few lines of his adventures than in the entire corpus of Karl Marx.

Here’s a few memorable lines illustrating the concept of The SILENCE:

“Is there any other point to which you would draw my attention?”
“To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”
“The dog did nothing in the night-time.”
“That was the curious incident,”
remarked Sherlock Holmes.

-The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1894) ‘Silver Blaze’.



Anyone Who Says “Racist” is a Bully and a COWARD

My latest interview with a San Francisco radio station demonstrates why I don’t get invited twice.

In fact this time they actually hung up on me.

I kept asking the interviewer what the word “racist” means.

He said, “You’ve asked me that four times.”

I replied, “You use the word Racist all the time, so I ask you what it means”

He asked me what I thought it meant.

I replied, it doesn’t mean anything.   It’s just a word that is supposed to scare people into silence.  photo scare.jpg

He said nothing, of course.

I used that moment to say “Respectable conservatives never have the guts to ask that question.”

Racist means “Shut up!”

Racist means grovel.

Racist means “Pee in your pants.”

Racist is word that is never used by anyone but a bully and a coward.

It scares grovelers and cowards.

Voice 071 – About his interview on iheart radio october 20 and avoiding being labeled making our own points



“Just So Studies”

A former Emory professor likes to quote people referring to him as “the disgraced Emory professor,” because he lied about gun ownership in early America so flagrantly he actually got caught and fired.

But, a he smilingly points out, he is doing just fine, thank you.

Two black reporters who made up reports for the New York Times and the Washington Post are doing just fine, thank you.  The reason they were caught was they were being given prizes for their articles.

An article from China blows the “Out of Africa” bit:

But emails between two Oxford environmental experts made it very clear they were lying and changing anything that didn’t fit.  photo happyending.jpg

You have heard this before. People are always screaming about how totally corrupt any politically sensitive study is.

But, as usual, those people are AMPWs.

They don’t go to the subbasic.

They quote other studies by the SAME “Intellectuals!!!!!”

I had a lot to do with grants, and the first rule in getting a grant is that your research will come out Politically Correct.  Anyone with a history of getting grants has a history of Just-So Studies.

Like fairy tales, his “studies” always have a  Happy Ending.  They all come out Just So.

And the AMPWs go ahead and QUOTE them!

One of the Genome founders gave his share of the prize money to the Black Panthers.

If he had given it to the Klan. it would have been reported.

Do not quote people who consistently lie to you.

People are supposed to learn that before age ten.




Sub basic: The “Bi-“ in ”Biracial”

Advertisers are more frequently putting in biracial couples to back “Diversity.”  photo black_jew.jpg

There is a white guy and a black girl, a white with heavily Negroes signals she is “Hispanic.”   There is a white with an Oriental.

No one notices that, in this “diversity” photo, one of the pair is ALWAYS WHITE.

Absolutely no one, pro or anti-white, notices this for a very good reason:

From the get-go, we all know this is not race mixing, this is WHITE mixing.  It would never occur to anyone to leave the white person out.