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The Trump Campaign’s Possible Wreck

In my political days, I would have gotten Jared Taylor or some other Class Act in the AFP to call Ann Coulter, the way I did Rusher in earlier days, and feed to Trump, through her, as I did to Reagan through Rusher, Ashbrook and others.  photo anncoulter2.jpg

But Jared doesn’t speak to me, and Trump is now trying to explain away his AFP and Duke support.

If I were not dealing with inept snobs, one of them would tell Coulter that I came up with her White Genocide line and my pro background. I would put Trump where he operates best: on the offensive.

He would campaign on the right of any Americans to express their opinions.

What I have to say about tax-$-DEDUCTIBLE (NOT just tax-exempt) organizations, coming from Trump, would soil Mommy Professor’s and PBS’ britches.

In fact my whole campaign as set down on my campaign page is main line attack stuff Trump could use.

But it’s the same old problem: to get something to Reagan I had to go through the wall of snobs and old Republicans.

The wall of snobs and old pro-whites may be even worse.



The AFP Train Wreck

William Johnson, chairman of the American Freedom Party, is a highly successful attorney.

Unfortunately he has forgotten the mantra of his profession:

“A person who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”

By the same token, a person who writes his own stuff when he has one of the top staffers in history at his disposal is, well, not being real bright.

So he treated me like all Luncheoneers have treated me.

I was writing robocall scripts. Johnson decided to support Trump, and “Make the AFP a mainline success.”  He didn’t just reject everything I had done, he just told Laura the AFP would become what it wanted to be: a mainline opposition party.

All the robocalls were turned over to the Class Act, Jared Taylor. photo classact.jpg

They wrote their speeches.

I have been doing speeches on the borderline, supporting mainline candidates with our own message, but without causing them to reject us. Even the SPLC said that I am an expert at knife edge politics like that.

Jared and William wrote some robocalls. William told Laura they were wildly successful.

An SPLC rep quoted the parts of those speeches that were amateurish to Trump and Trump immediately disvowed the AFP.

This month our Chairman wrote robocalls denying that the AFP is “racist.”

He also cut Laura’s salary by fifty percent and withdrew the original deal where she would only work for me.

The reason for the cut is that the AFP isn’t getting the same level of contributions it was enjoying when they announced for Trump.

Gee, whiz, I wonder why?

Taylor and Johnson totally outclass me in the Luncheoneer column. But I have been paid to write speeches for people who, if they had lunch with William or Jared, would make their whole Luncheoneer career.

Luncheoneers who write their own stuff when they have me available are like people who decide to be their own lawyers.

Those people run themselves into a train wreck.

Which is what the AFP just did.



The Luncheoneers

Horus has only made one Luncheoneer comment to me. I’m sure he has forgotten it and I am sure he has outgrown it.

The Luncheoneer comment was when I said interviewers were AFRAID to interview me.

Horus gave me that look I have seen on a Thousand Luncheoneer faces, and said, “Now, Bob, I think you’re overestimating yourself.”

No, they are just plain scared of me. And Horus has known that quite a while.

I call this twisted lip look The Luncheoneer look because it is the standard reaction from people who say, “I had lunch with President Reagan or “I had lunch with Donald Trump.”

These are the very people for whom power-brokers in Washington put on their Deepest Southern Accent.

The Luncheoneers ALWAYS fall for it.

My prime example is the late Senator Sam Ervin of North Carolina.

Ervin USED — I repeat USED — a Southern accent that would have seemed excessive in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Ervin’s favorite lead-in was “I’m just a country lawyer from North Carolina.”

Howard Baker of Tennessee was Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committee in a period when Ervin was Chairman, and once when Ervin pulled that “country lawyer” line out Baker lost his temper and said, “Goddamnit, Sam, You are a summa cum laude graduate of the Harvard Law School!”

Sam leaned back in his Chair and replied, “Yea, Howard, but nobody is ever going to know it.”

Sam was right as usual.  photo samervinnc.jpg

The people who live by who had lunch with Kissinger or Trump, the Luncheoneers, just like the Celebrity Fart folks today had not the slightest idea who real power was exercised with.

And they didn’t CARE.

Power is complicated and hard to put into a simple press release.

And when it comes to power, you will note I am giving this explanation only to BUGSERS, and nobody else would WANT it.

My picture of a Luncheoneer is someone who is a bit like Superman:  He looks like his coats and tie are an outfit PERFECTLY made for him as a child, and which he has worn all his life.

In the evening he just puts his collar on a coat hanger and sleeps in his closet until dawn.

The Luncheoneer reports the world as he sees it and as his readers want to see it: A place where the Power Players are the ones who had lunch with or call the President by his first name.

Not only do I not object to this, it was a major source of my power.

My only problem is when I am honestly trying to judge the effect of my latest power play and the person I am talking to turns, however briefly into a Luncheoneer.

You see, the problem with Luncheoneers News was that which I did never showed up in the news.  I have had a hundred “white genocides” that went viral before the Internet but the whole point was nobody CAUGHT them.

So I depended on the few people in Washington who understood real power.  They were few and VERY far between.

So when people like Horus, however temporarily, gave me the old “You are overestimating yourself” with the curved lip, it was a serious problem.



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Beauty Is Its Own Argument

Freedom has been defined as being able to go after what you want, as in the pursuit of happiness.

But freedom is also the right to WANT what you want.

And to SAY what you want.

Anyone who has spent time in Latin America or other colored countries knows that it is not a typical Latin American who is preferred for TV down there.

As one anti-White put it, “South American TV looks like its casting was done by David Duke.”  photo castingbydavidduke.jpg

The same problem comes up with the lack of Black people getting Academy Awards.

The same situation came up when Bay Watch with its blond beauties totally wiped out other TV shows throughout the COLORED world. It was popular here, but outside the white world it totally swamped other shows.

So when a Black woman features in a movie or TV show, the White actors’ dialogue repeats and repeats and repeats “She is beautiful.”

No character ever had to say that about Wonder Woman or the bathing blondes on Baywatch.

When I see a Black dating a blonde, I feel sorry for the children. I hear Blacks say the same thing privately.

But you are only allowed to consider whether, when the sex act that leads to a child takes place, the interracial couple are Truly in Love.

You are required to forget, whether you are White or Black, that it is the child and the child’s offspring who have to live with the result forever.

Enslavement is being denied the right to pursue happiness, to get what YOU want.

But enslavement BEGINS with not being able to SAY what you want.


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