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Snobs Against Bob

The February National Review cover page just says “Against Trump.”

It makes me nostalgic.

Forty years ago they had the same sort of cover story about ME.

It was titled, “to the Nashville Station,” comparing my stirring up the masses to Lenin’s coming to the Finland Station in Moscow in 1917 to stir the Working Class to revolution.

It was the first time I had seen a cartoon of me, and I was standing right next to Pat Buchanan. In fact, it showed that HE was following ME!

The NR Snob charge was that I wanted Cuckservatives to get down and appeal to the filthy white working class, Wallace Democrats.  photo snobs.jpg

After Election Day 1980 NR and the New York Times they worshipped, never mentioned the word “Wallace Democrats” again. It was always “Reagan Democrats” and any other title fell under The Silence.

But the Snobs found a way not to work with white laborers.

Conservatives had noted that liberals never had to deal with blacks. The NYT crowd  just went to those who owned the minority vote and bought it.

Cuckservatives found they didn’t have to “appeal” to white workers by opposing mass immigration or openly opposing busing.

Cuckservatives looked for the group that owned the white worker vote.

They found the evangelicals.  And they bought them.

It was cheap, it was easy.

Robertson, the PTL Club, the Catholic theologians dealt with filthy old working people all the time.

So they turned away from any real issues and stuck to abortion, prayer in the schools kids were bused from, and how great massive immigration would be.

Snobs Against Trump would be a good name.

I remember when it was Snobs Against Bobs.