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The Yiddies

Even the in movie category called “Fantasy,” there was no place for this scene.

Eliot Gould, briefly rocketing star whose stardom began and ended in the 1960s, husband of Barbra Streisand, made this most forgotten of movie scenes in the smash hit “#M#A#S#H#,” which became the most rerun TV series ever made.

By far.

In this most forgotten scene, by far, in the history of forgotten scenes, Gould appeared as the new doctor in the MASH unit.

It was the first time his fellow MASH doctors in the Unit had met him.

Every one of them had a M.D. and had done his internship.

They asked the new doctor his name.

He wouldn’t tell them.

These were physicians in a combat zone. They dealt with men who were being brought in by helicopter, dead or dying, many of them crippled for life.

So Gould acted like these combat doctors were his Jewish Mother.

He didn’t tell them his name. They then got confused, just like Jewish Mothers would.

So the Gould character gave a secret smile to the camera, just wike a widdah Jewish boy who was wrapping a group of Jewish Mothers, “See, dis is how widdah me confuses Dem!”

But these were not Jewish Mothers.

A real doctor at the front would have told him where to stick it and how deep.

But to the Yippies, this was Real Life. This was The Real Thing, bruvvah!

Gould’s Big Star status ended the minute that the peal of Sixties Silliness ran out.

Gould came and went with the so-called Yippies, who were actually Yiddies, and they were not particularly young. The Yiddies acted like the Weakest Generation because they acted like the World War II sergeants did, and the sergeants always won.

Sergeants are required to act like spoiled children, bullies who always get their way.  photo mash.jpg

Tim Wise is the New Yiddy.

He says anybody who disagrees with him is his Enemy.

Hitler and Stalin and a crowd of others have held the copyright on that remark for centuries.

The Yiddies were out of date half a century ago.

The Yiddies disgusted the JEWS at the time. An adult Jew had seen enough of these creeps to last him a lifetime.

I was watching a New Yiddie documentary about White Hate.

It showed Polynesians doing enactments of dying from smallpox.

The announcer said that bringing smallpox to Polynesians was, and I quote, genocide, unquote.

In order to BRING in smallpox for genocide those European sailors had to have HAD smallpox.

To put this into plain English, white sailors were happy to risk permanent horrible disfigurement, becoming sterile and death — HAPPY to do it — if it meant they could kill non-Whites with it!!

This is the Party Line at the BBC and other anti-White groups!

There is no record of anyone objecting to this picture of sick, fanatical White hatred of non-Whites.

Genocide Awareness wants to MAKE PEOPLE AWARE of this kind of sick, fanatical hatred of White people that is routine in today’s Tax subsidized media.

Sick, insane hatred of Whites.