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Tackling Hate

Posted by eyeslevel on March 17th, 2016 under Coaching Session, How Things Work

Anti-whites hate white people. They hate us above all else.

Then they falsely accuse us of hatred of non-whites for objecting to their genocidal policies.

They claim we’re the ONLY people who have unjustified hatred. They say we have a MONOPOLY on hate. We’re “haters” the same way someone is a Kansan or a Baptist or a Cubs fan.

Horus speaks of imposing our terminology and destroying anti-white terminology. A term like racist has no legitimate meaning and must simply be discredited at every opportunity. We would never say “They’re the real racists!” or “Everyone’s a racist” or “You bet I’m a racist!” because that would reinforce and legitimize a strictly anti-white term.

But what about a term like “hate?” Hate has a perfectly legitimate meaning. It certainly describes how anti-whites feel about white people and how we feel about anti-whites. We don’t hate other races, just the people trying to destroy our race, white traitors above all. I_Hate_Haters

So, when we talk about destroying terminology, we’re talking about destroying a term AS THE ANTI-WHITES USE IT. When an anti-white says hate, they’re just talking about anything not sufficiently anti-white. If a white person isn’t groveling and begging forgiveness for historical acts every race has committed, not welcoming their coming minority status, or not putting other races’ well-being above their own, that’s “hate” according to anti-whites. However, their insistence on imposing conditions of white genocide is not hate. No, that’s Peace on Earth and Brotherly Love and Loyalty to Humanity.

Anti-whites claim they don’t hate all white people, just racist supremacists, that is, only white people who don’t hate themselves and want their race destroyed with “diversity.” Sorry, if you’re trying to get rid of a race, you hate that whole race, not just the ones objecting to the genocide. They claim a whole race of people deserve to vanish from the earth because a handful of whites did this or that, things every race has done.

No one has a monopoly on hate. Anti-whites have been attacking the WHOLE white race for decades. Our hatred is justified; their’s is not. Anti-whites have turned reality on it’s head. We see that what they accuse us of is exactly what they are, in fact, guilty of.

Destroying a term really means discrediting it in the eyes of the average white person watching an exchange between a pro-white and an anti-white. Whenever an anti-white utters such a term, we want white people to immediately think “lie, scam.” We do this by building up true associations over time as opposed to the anti-whites’ false associations (self-defense or anything pro-white is “hate”).

So when I talk about tackling hate, I’m referring to tackling both the libelous accusation of hate against us and the anti-whites very real hatred of ALL white people.

When Donald Trump was asked about Islam, he replied “Islam hates us.”

This throws the accusation of hate leveled against anyone opposed to unlimited Muslim immigration right back in their faces. Good move if he keeps it up.

To tackle hate, tell the truth over and over.

White self-hatred is SICK!!!

You hate white people.

Calling disagreement “hate” is childish.

White genocide is a hate crime.

You hate free speech. You’re trying to ban facts and honest opinion.

Racist is an anti-white hate slur.

Only someone who HATED white people would say that.

If I hated a race, I’d destroy it with diversity. But I’m not doing that. You anti-whites are doing that to my race, the white race. But I certainly do hate you, anti-white.

Anti-whites are the ones with illegitimate hatred. And they’re justifying genocide.

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