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What the Reagan Snobs Did About Populism

You now have a clear example of how snobs handle things from the AFP’s instantly handing its campaign over to Taylor without consulting me.

Eyeslevel and Laura looked up an old article in National Review that attacked me as advocating “Country and Western Marxism.” They saw those thousands of real working people who paid for their own buses from South Boston and Louisville to march against busing, and the thousands of fundamentalist Christians who were protesting dirty textbooks as “Marxists!”

Bill Rusher and I finally won our basic fight to get Reagan to “appeal” to what were called “Wallace Democrats” or “Marxists.”

As of Election Day 1980 they were suddenly the deciding factor, the “Reagan Democrats.”

An appeal to that base, working people, seemed inevitable.

But the snobs avoided dealing with working people using the example of the leftists they worshipped.

I always put the Black “vote” in quotes because when it counts, Black people don’t vote. Blacks and other minorities are owned outright by their owners. Coat and tie leftists do not have to speak to Blacks. They talk to Black “leaders”.

As I said, everybody knows this. The 2010 United States Senate primary can be explained no other way. Even after I explained this, one BUGS commenter said we should get a copy of the list they hand out.

I had to explain, AGAIN, that anyone who produced that list would be ignored and ruined.

 photo reagandemocrats2.jpg

I repeat: Everybody KNOWS how minority “votes” are handled.

When they finally had to admit they needed the dirty old working people’s vote, Reagan types used their leftist heroes’ method of avoiding dealing with working people.

The GOP went to people who owned a bloc of working class vote.

As with Blacks, they went to the preachers.

So instead of a populist appeal, conservatives went to the TV preachers. Instead of working Americans, they went to the preachers and instead of an anti-busing appeal, they had The Religious Right.

This is a very important history that no one knows.

But it is critical.

Today the vote I wanted Reagan to go after is the rebellious Trump voter.

He is not to be put off by screaming “ABORTION” or some other non-issue.

The Trump electorate is the one conservatives avoided after 1980.