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What’s Going On……

In a Stephen King novel, there was a Black woman, who was born and raised in New England, like most Black women King had met. She has never in her life been south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

But when she wanted to comfort someone, without thinking about it, she got a Southern accent.

When somebody was in dire straits, as is so often the case in a Stephen King novel, this lifelong Yankee found herself talking as if she had just stepped off the bus from a lifetime in Low Country South Carolina.

It may not be related, but I cannot count the number of times that, when the news was all about a Black alpha male like Tiger Woods or OJ, a young Black woman would say to me, “He wouldn’t have any use for me.”

I maybe reaching here, but that statement sounds a bit personal for a girl talking to a stranger.

It occurs to me that the Southern accent may have a side effect.


Bernie just won in Alaska and Oregon, and the media is actually reporting what I said in the first place, that Bernie wins where the population is White.

The media is less guarded about reporting on a leftist campaign. photo

I said that Bernie was supported by Mommy Professor worshippers, which in Liberalese translates to “younger voters.”

This contest may lead some to come to a hazy idea of reality, which is that Blacks don’t actually vote. A few leftists are right now coming to this conclusion.

But it is all EXACTLY the way I called it.

Very few commentators on the right can call a leftist election that accurately.


Here is some more ammunition for your Twitter campaign to get Trump to hire me on Free Speech:

Not one single anti Trump Republican has ever whispered any criticism of the thug riots at Trump rallies.

Some Republicans have said that it is only Trump’s atmosphere of Hate that has caused these wonderful young idealists to try to break up his rallies.

This could be used to completely discredit the enormous cuckservative forces against Trump.

So why doesn’t Trump counterattack?

The reason is that Trump’s campaign is choked up by leftover respectable conservative Republican advisers. They can’t see past their residual admiration of the liberal media.

He has better get some Free Speech Advisers like me, who can see past this old conservative nonsense.

These opportunities don’t stay open forever.