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Pro-Whites: Welcome Back to the Loser’s Club!

I founded WOL in 1998, which evolved into BUGS, I had spent years going to pro-white conventions, mostly NA-sponsored and mostly in New Orleans. I discovered Stormfront and, as Lord Nelson and others who were there back then will attest, I cleaned out the “Opposing Views” section. To do that I used The Mantra, 222 words hitting on white genocide. I cleaned out anti-whites there just as I had cleared out Communists by mercilessly hitting on, “Why does every Communist country have to have a wall and shoots anyone who tries to escape?”

David Duke was an old Southern buddy of mine and he had read my mainline political books. He did not feel threatened by me. But as you can see from the American Freedom Party, the amateurs do.

Exactly the time the AFP had had one of their own old habitual losers speak for the Party they had nominated me to head, was also exactly the time “White Genocide” went officially viral on the net.

None of the traditional losers noted that.

RamZPaul put it very well:

After “white genocide” went viral, the AFP decided to replace it with the kind of stuff they were pushing when I got there. They wanted to replace “white genocide” with, I am not kidding you:

“Physical administrative removal of people of European extraction.”

Gosh, I wonder how long it will be before THAT Goes viral?

I wonder how long it will be before anybody bothers to repeat that once?



The Whitaker for President Campaign is now Independent

The Whitaker for President Campaign continues and it surges forward.

3 weeks ago Bob, Tom and I made the decision to leave the AFP due to the fact that they were going off message. Their whole approach is to get media attention, any media attention, but it doesn’t matter the ineffectiveness of the media reports. They also decided to moderate the message, choosing to go with “Physical Administrative Removal of Peoples of European Extraction”, instead of our most effective and VIRAL meme to date, WHITE GENOCIDE.

But we didn’t want to stop there, since we have achieved so much exposure to White Genocide with Bob running for President.

Bob is now running an independent campaign, with no party affiliation and no VP. Tom Bowie has decided to stay on with the AFP. He is now their presidential candidate.

With Bob still being a candidate, we get all the same candidate benefits as an independent. We still get the “Equal Access Broadcasting” rights.

So we are gonna use those rights.  photo robocall.jpg

Recently FWG received a donation of $500. I have spoken with that donor and asked them if they would be agreeable to moving that donation to Bob’s campaign so that we could do more robocalls and reach over 100k people with our message. I explained that if FWG was making the robocalls, we would not be able to call the “do not call” list which eliminates the vast majority of the phone numbers on the list. They agreed to moving the donation to Bobs campaign.

We will be doing another round of robocalls shortly.

With the equal access broadcasting rights, we also get radio ads for $10 per 30 second ads. These we can’t start until four months prior to the general election. Robocalls we can do now.

Bob has also recently been asked to do a speaking engagement at the American University in DC by the Young Americans for Liberty group. That will be in September. And we will be doing an interview with James Edwards on Political Cesspool in the coming weeks. White Rayne has also organized another show with Dennis Fetcho for us in May.

So as you can see, Bobs campaign is far from over, and we plan to use it for as much as we can until November.

As Bob said the other day “When the big news was the AFP having Jared Taylor speaking for them instead of me, MY big news was that “white genocide” had just gone OFFICIALLY viral.” And, after watching the CNN show United Shades of America, which featured our billboard and people using our terms like pro-white and white genocide Bob said, “Lord, what can I say? We’re dictating the whole dialogue now.” Yes we are, Bob!

It’s EXCITING times!!



Asking You Why You Want to Exist is Straight Genocide

There are some huge Hassidic communities in New York. Unlike Jews in general, they vote overwhelmingly conservative.

Now what if I went to one of these communities and said, “Hello, I’m with CNN. And I’m doing a survey. The question is, ‘Why should there be any Jews? Why should Jews exist?””  photo slumlord-new-york-post-cover-small.jpg

We are always being asked why we worry about our race.

Anybody who asked a black or a Chinese, or a Jew, “Why are you concerned about your people disappearing?” would go to jail, be beaten up, or both.

But when they ask US that, our response is to try to JUSTIFY our concern about our group’s survival.

We routinely let people attack our right to survive.

The QUESTION, for any other people, would bring a person under suspicion of genocide, pure and simple.

Call them on it.




The Production of Goods and Shortages

As an economics professor I would describe the production of goods and services.

Now I realize that description is one shortage.

I remember going into a number of People’s Peace Loving Democratic Republics.

One of the tours there was often a place that looked like a condemned warehouse.

But it wasn’t a warehouse.
 photo sovietwatchad.jpg
Honestly, if a store had a warehouse in that shape they wouldn’t let the public see it.

I forgot to mention that on the way in, I had gone through the familiar line of barbed wire, land mines and armed men that stand at the border of every people loving democratic republic.

No, it wasn’t a warehouse, it was a STORE.

It had some watches.

“Did the watches WORK, Uncle Bob, did the watches tell TIME?” No children, the watches did not work.

And the tobacco poured out when you took a cigarette out of the pack.

The machines in the store didn’t work and you couldn’t get coal miner into those clothes.

That’s why they had troops on the border to keep people inside where the people couldn’t buy anywhere else.

One group behind the iron curtain produced goods.

The iron curtain itself produced shortages. That is what armed men do.

The Armed Men produced shortages

In the Red countries the goods were ugly and shoddy and useless.

They showed Mommy Professor’s Dream Economy in ACTION.

Not all of those who dedicate their lives go to shoddy production, shoddy out put is the high point of Soviet Mommy Professor planning.

You still need large numbers of troops in uniforms who are willing to kill.

It is the duty of this latter group to provide a consumer who will praise the goods.

These are not difficult requirements.

And the Quota, in EACH category, MUST be met!



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Garbage Dump History

A huge lead article on the MSN web page discussed the evidence of the discovery of a giant battle in Germany that simply discredits all history before that.

It was such a big story that it replaced two celebrity farts!

It also is beginning to prove a main theme of the old WOL at the start of this century that denounced what I called “Garbage Dump History”.

History today says everything began in the Middle East.

That is because the earliest stuff we can find is there.

If you wrote history that way, a thousand years from now everything we have would be traced back to the garbage dump.  photo historian.jpg

And that is what the Place Where History Began happens to be where it is desert and anything that was there thousands of years ago is easy to find.

Also, it just happens that all the researchers; back then were in the Holy Land. So they found all the Beginnings of History right next to where they already were, in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

That’s a little too much coincidence for me, but no FUNDED historian discussed it.

So, from some pottery discoveries, they found that impossible battle.

It was a giant struggle between tens of thousands of soldiers on each side, and they were largely from hundreds of miles away.

Garbage Dump History says this battle was impossible. Our books say that the level of organization above the level of grunts and scratches were entirely to the south of that battlefield

This was long before the Siege of Troy.

So I was right.

All of our history, from the Middle East (Ex Oriente Lux) to placing all of American history in New England is totally screwed up.


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