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Since we are sharing weapons…

If an anti-White responds to a White geNOcide post and you don’t have an appropriate answer in your document that you can copy and paste, then you can ask at BUGS for a weapon.

For example, anti-Whites started responding to my posts with:

“Have more White babies” / “Stop complaining and have more White children”

I hadn’t seen this response for a long time and I didn’t have a good counter-attack on hand.  photo whitebaby.jpg

The anti-Whites obviously noticed this and they started repeating incessantly:

“Have more White babies” / “Stop complaining and have more White children”

So I asked at BUGS for a counter.

Within an hour the following response was suggested by a BUGSER:

“So Whites have been forced into a position where they need to get into a breeding contest in their own lands to survive and you say there is no White Genocide?”

Very promising: Short, about White Genocide, and it contains an aggressive question.

I posted it on the front and something significant happened…

From the anti-Whites came back NOTHING.



So like and share weapons!

In meme warfare, mass-production is crucial!