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Police Big Wigs Naturally Oppose Arming Honest Citizens

This is just a little reminder of the basics in professional politics.

Domestic producers are likely to be in favor of high tariffs.

Owners of outdoor movie theaters were opposed to Daylight Saving Time.

Inventors are in favor of patents lasting longer.

It does not take a genius to see this. In fact, someone who does not see these obvious facts is considered– rightly — to be a retard.

Another retard is someone who announces that police brass wants stricter gun control.

Gosh, what a surprise!  photo policechiefs.jpg

The harder it is for the public to get guns for self-defense, the more they need gun permits.

To get a permit, you need what is called a “connection”.

A connection is usually someone on the police force who is willing to say you need a permit.

Make a buddy of one of the police brass is the most common such connection.

The fact that such potential connections are all for strict gun control is something only a real ignoramus in simple political reality would consider to be news.

Has anybody ever heard of a person being of “Mixed blood” when a major part of the “Mix” was NOT white?

When a black and a white produce a child, that child must live with the grossly unfair opinion about whether they are “Pretty” or “Ugly.”

We all know that when people look at the person an interracial couple produces they must say that they are “Exotically beautiful”  — which means that no matter how they look, they are NOT ugly.

But what the offspring must live with is greasy blond hair and all the rest.

But one must call this “exotic.”

In fact, the future of the child is of no importance whatsoever.

The only thing that matters is not the future generations.

The only thing that is allowed to matter is whether the parents, at the time of copulation, were in a psychiatrically state defined as being “in love.”


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Old Navy promotes #WhiteGenocide with interracial family

Recently some pro-whites took to twitter to slam Old Navy for promoting white genocide with their interracial ad.

Their efforts have generated loads of articles on the topic.

As Bob has pointed out, interracial couples are always targeted at mixing Whites, never an Asian with a Black, or a Black with a Mexican. Always a non-white with a White.  old navy ad for BUGS

“We all know what they’re talking about, what point would a mixed race couple be if one of the couple wasn’t White. We have to nail down that point, in fact the term interracial couple means a White and someone else.” – Bob

This IS White Genocide. Their aim is to have a world free of White people. This is aimed at nobody else but us.


“Pro-whites did not throw in “white genocide” incidentally.

We are doing this.

The picture of a black and blond and the result is vomit-causing.

But it was supposed to simply be endured by whites.

But no one knew HOW to attack it.

This step would have been taken and people would just swallow the vomit.” – Bob

Keep up the GREAT work, Bugsers. We are forcing the conversation, we are dictating the dialogue and we won’t stop until there is an open conversation on White Genocide.