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The Hitchhikers Who Pick Up Freeloaders

They are the people who say, “I immigrated so everybody should be able to immigrate”.

They read the only official statement of America’s purpose, “We the People of the United States of America ….. and OUR Posterity…” and say that means a Nation of …For God’s Sake! … IMMIGRANTS!!!!!!

We did all sorts of awful things. That doesn’t make this your hyphenated country.  photo whiteamerica.jpg

We had horrible things done to us. Why the HELL do you think we are here in the FIRST place?

If you want to join us, then join US!  Cut the nation of immigrants and hyphenated crap!

If you are “Hispanic”, you have over ten million square miles you have turned into poverty row.


And then there’s this “You stole it from the Indians” crap!

That is the biggest lie ever F%*KING told!

You “native Americans” immigrated from Asia.

Then another group of Indians came in from Asia.

The second group drove the first southward and then THEY were driven southward.

Your Sacred Navajos are late comers.

Early Indians have been driven all the way down to that “land beyond argument” Tierre del Fuego, which is right by ANTARTICA!

We took America. WE took it from the British, too.

And we By God CLAIMED it!!!!

In 1787!

If we allow you in, it is NOT so you can give it away!