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Professional Students = The Thug Pool

I have spent two full generations in hard ball politics and intelligence.

All this time there have been mutually agreed-upon Protected Areas where the Free Press did not press matters.  photo bakker1.png

Late in the last century Big Time Theology fell out of this category with a resounding crash.

It turns out that where billions of dollars are involved and internal power is affected by areas like the Vatican, a lot of really dirty stuff goes on and has been going on for a long time.

Try to imagine what a shock this is for a naïve kid like me.

We all know the Damage Control Conferences have been held.

This means that some of those exposed, like Homosexual priests, have now lost their protected status accepted by The Media.e are the thugs on campus

Then there are the thugs on campus, whom the media have described as “Young and Idealistic” since the 60s.

They are not idealistic.  They never say anything their professors might disagree with.

I noticed even in the 60s that they were not young.

The thugs are those 30-something professional students we all noticed on campus.

They are not  there to learn.