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Who had it first?

The following may sound a bit childish but it should be taken seriously.

“Who had it first?”

“Who started it?”

As a child, you might have heard such questions a few times a day.

They are questions asked by adults, so that they can adjudicate the unseen conflicts that occur between children.

If the fight is over something positive: “Who had it first?”

If the fight is over something negative: “Who started it?”

So, on average, if children hear such questions a few times every day, that means that in a year the children have heard them a thousand times. So by the time they’ve reached adulthood, they’ve heard them over TEN THOUSAND TIMES!  photo kennewickman.jpg

And just so you understand, as adults they’re not going to forget these ethics either.

So when we go Swarming and we hear responses to the Mantra such as “you stole this land”, etc.,… then no matter how ridiculous it is, it’s worth tapping into this energy flow of passed-down ethics, to steer it where we want to go.

That’s why the talking points about the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution are so important: “For ourselves and our posterity”…

We could also go back to the prehistoric White tribes of the Americas and the Pacific, the Solutreans, to get back to the first KNOWN “Who had it first?”… but there’s a balance with tailgating.

In my experience, the talking points we have on the U.S. Constitution are effective and important.

But going further back, especially into prehistory, the evidence is scarce and not widely known, so the potential for tailgating increases dramatically.

But what Kennewick Man and every OTHER anti-white archaeological scandal tells us is this:

1. Anti-whites are liars.

2. They are justifying an ONGOING genocide.