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Whitaker Campaign Update & Robocall Script

In just over two weeks we have received just under $800 to Bob’s campaign.

I have had people call me wanting to confirm we are no longer affiliated with the AFP before they donate. It appears not being affiliated with the AFP is gaining us more support.

We need a minimum of $800 to do the next robocall. $800 buys us the cheapest robocall rate of $0.007 per call.

Below is the robocall script Bob has written and recorded:

I am Bob Whitaker.

I want you to vote for me because a vote for Bob Whitaker is a vote against self-hatred.

We keep hearing people say Hate is evil.

They say that for White people to hate Black people is evil.

They keep on shouting that for White people to hate Orientals or Hispanics is evil.

But the most common hate I hear these days is White people saying how much they hate White people.

Hatred is evil. But self-hatred is not only evil, it is also SICK.

Together we can get rid of this runaway plague of self-hatred that is taking over America.

A vote for Bob Whitaker is a vote against self-hatred.

It’s hilarious knowing that the anti-White Whites who hear this call will scream that asking White people not to hate themselves is hate speech.

Go to That’s

I am Bob Whitaker and I approve this message.

If you are able, please donate to Bob’s campaign, even if it is only a few dollars. Help spread the word about donating to Bob’s campaign and the activism we are doing.Cash Donation to Bobs campaign

To donate, go to

Or if you would prefer, you can mail in anonymous donations to our PO Box, I will then deposit to our Bank of America campaign account.
PO Box:

Bob Whitaker for President
PO Box 50854
Columbia, SC 29250

Below is a copy of the fundraising letter eyeslevel and I will be sending out this week to as many people as possible. We would also like to see this letter up on as many sites as possible. The more money we can raise, the more campaign activism we can achieve before November!

With no resources other than his blog BUGS (Bob Underground Graduate Seminar), Bob Whitaker and his Swarm have made the term “White Genocide” go viral.

This has even been admitted by the anti-White hate group Southern Poverty Law Center: “The Mantra…has gone viral.” SPLC image for fundraising letter

Every single pro-White group which raises money has rejected and denounced the term “White Genocide.”

This is because they can not raise funds and stick to what really works out in the real world today.

That fact has endless implications.

Bob Whitaker sticks to the message. He does what WORKS!

Fundraisers go to the message that givers want to see.

Apparently it is almost impossible to do both.

But Bob Whitaker and his team are going to try.

We are going to try and raise funds by explaining to people why you can’t do what is effective and cater to those who give funds at the same time.

Fund givers must learn that people who appeal to them are not appealing to effective work.

Sounds weird, but so does the totally unfunded tiny group at BUGS making messages viral.

So, if you give us money we’re not going to make you feel good or respond to the latest outrage in the media or try to be “mainstream”, that is, acceptable to our enemies. We’re going to do what WORKS!

Please donate and support our Whitaker for President campaign and aid us in doing what is EFFECTIVE!Bobs meme image for fundraising letter

Go to and donate.

With your financial support we can continue doing robocalls and radio ads as a candidate using the equal access broadcasting rights.

For more information on our campaigning activities please go to